Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Best of CL - Evolution of a Pet AD

There are so many great posts lately on CL! Check out the below post. Very interesting ... I love it!! A great reminder to read through the fine print.

Evolution of a pet adDate: 2009-07-31, 3:16PM CDT

Week 1: Ad #1
Purebread Yorkie puppies for sale 6 weeks old 3 girls @ $450 2 boys @ $400!! Parents on site! Hurry these won't last!!!

Week 2: Ad #2
Purebred Yorkie puppies for rehoming - eating solid food - rehoming fee applies 2 girls 2 boys!! Parents on site. These are going fast!!!

Week 3: Ad #3
Please don't flag this ad - I'm not a breeder. Purebred Yorkie puppies for adoption - 8 weeks old - email about rehoming fee. 2 girls 1 boy.

Week 4: Ad #4
YOU IDIOTS ON THE CL POLICE NEED TO GET A LIFE. I AM NOT A BREEDER. IF THESE PUPPIES END UP IN THE POUND ITS YOUR FAULT. Purebred Yorkie puppies for adoption - 9 weeks old - email about rehoming fee. 1 girl 1 boy.

Week 6: Ads # 5 and 6 (posted a day apart)
Purebred Yorkie puppy for adoption - 10 weeks old - female. I have to rehome because of allergies. Rehoming fee does apply. To a good home only. Yorkie puppy for rehoming - 10 weeks old - male. I have to rehome because I'm moving. I hate to see this one go - rehoming fee applies to ensure a good home.

Week 7: Ad #7
Pure Heart Rescue: 11 week old owner surrender purebred male Yorkie puppy. He is UTD on his shots and neutered. A vet reference and a home visit is required. Re-homing fee: $100.


GoLightly said...

So sad, so true.

Idiot landlord of brother's now has a litter of huskies!
Step right up!
Fill those shelters.

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

I can't even bear to look at craiglsit anymore. So freaking sad...

Randolph said...

Dear Dogs Deserve Freedom:
I must say that I am genuinely amazed by your position in freeing dogs and the gravity of your conviction suggested by quoting Wilberforce. I am a Labrador retriever who lives in Manhattan and I can't imagine life without my owner. Then again, perhaps my world view has been irrevocably colored by my own "human-managed" experience (which has been mainly pleasant). Certainly I've reflected on this question of canine freedom, but I wonder just how this freedom would take shape, especially on the perilous streets of Manhattan? J.F. Englert has told me that in his visit to Calcutta the street dogs there seemed in suprisingly good shape and happy...thank you for the courage of your convictions and the bracing nature of your argument.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

GoLightly ...

I'm sorry to hear this. Didn't he have a GSD?

GiantSpeckledChihuahua ...

I look. Don't know why, but I do.

Randolph ...

Interesting comments! Please take a few minutes to read this post: http://dogsdeservefreedom.blogspot.com/2009/04/dogs-deserve-freedom-say-what.html

GoLightly said...

Nah, that's the idiot up my street, breeds a litter of GSD's with sickening regularity.

Brother's landlord got two husky puppies from a farmer's market.
So now, they can make MORE!


It's raining cats and dogs.
STOP the downpour!!!

schmitty said...

Some humans can be so dumb. When thoses humans do that, they should be put in shelters. See how they like it.
Schmitty Th Real New Yorkie