Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Featured Rescue - Ms. Angela Sweethe the Chihuahua

There are 9,989 Chihuahua dogs listed for adoption on That's a lot of dogs! They range from all ages - puppies to seniors. The personalities of the dogs listed are just as varied as their ages.
This gal is named Ms. Angela Sweethe. I wonder if they adopt more dogs out by naming them in this fashion? If anyone ever finds a study done on dog names and how it affects rates of adoptions ... I would LOVE to read it!!
Anyway, this little lady is 8 years old and already blind in one eye. Check out her ad on Petfinder ... I love how they have done her write up and told you that she is not housebroken and has separation anxiety issues without making them sound like a big deal. Very cool writeup Waggytail Rescue!


*Amber* aka Suzy SINsation said...

Thanks for giving us good examples of adoption listings - I'm still learning this process! And I would love to see a study done on naming "un-named" dogs too. We have so many to come up with, and you can only get so creative before it's ridiculous. :)

Also, just wanted you to know that I play catch-up and read several posts at once - read about Sam (two-parter) and tears welled up before I could stop them. :`(

Marg said...

What a cute doggie. And thanks for posting this. Hopefully someone will see the picture and just have to have her.