Monday, July 19, 2010

News Reel/Asshat Award - 44 Dogs Seized

I have said it before and will say it again ... if you aren't taking care of the animals in your home then you ARE NOT SAVING THEM! You are prolonging their suffering!! Here's today's headline for discussion: Manitoba seizes 44 dogs from `Good Samaritans'.

I've asked this before but there are so many new readers that I'm going to pose the question again ... how many dogs is too many for one home?

This couple had 44 dogs that they 'saved'.

The couple said they saved animals that had nowhere else to live, and their canine population grew rapidly over the last five years. "What they're doing is dropping off animals here . . . We can't say no," said Judy Chernecki, a homemaker.

I'm sorry but if you have too many animals to care for then you need to learn how to say NO. (Or you need to get some professional help.) You do more harm than good when you start going down the 'hoarding' road. I'm sorry to say it but they would have been better off at a shelter looking for a new home, being cleaned regularly, walked daily by volunteers and fed a proper ration.

The Winnipeg Humane Society seized the dogs on Friday. At the Winnipeg Humane Society, executive director Bill McDonald said he was appalled by the condition of the dogs, who he said were deprived of human contact and kept inhumanely ... three of 44 dogs were euthanized ... most of the dogs had urine burns on their paws from standing in their own waste

Congratulations Judy and Peter Chernecki! You have received the coveted Dogs Deserve Freedom ASSHAT Award!

Along with this award comes the knowledge that by sticking your head that far up, you were unable to see the truth through those rose-coloured glasses. Rather than helping dogs (as you obviously started off trying to do), you have actually done more harm than good. Congratulations, dumbass.

I will say it again ... You do more harm than good when you start going down the 'hoarding' road. Do what you can and help show others how they can help too! If you show others that the only way to help unwanted animals is by hoarding and filling your house with animals, you will actually end up discouraging people from fostering or taking in that one animal they might otherwise be able to help.

Just for some background info ... the dogs could have gone to the Winnipeg Humane Society without being stuck with the Chernecki's. The Winnipeg Humane Society is a no-kill shelter for dogs and strives to be a no-kill shelter for cats (though they will euthanize cats when their numbers 'skyrocket').


giantspeckledchihuahua said...

I subscribe to an animal hoarding feed and I'm telling you you need to get a truckload of those awards to hand out... I understand hoarding is a sickness, but how can people live like that, nevermind forcing animals to reside in those conditions.

Flo said...

Last year I was involved in a seizure of 110 dogs and 80 cats for exactly the same reason. The person had been busted about 15 years ago for the same thing (one of my first dogs here in Hawaii came from that first seizure). People would drop animals off to her and she would not say no. When the seizure was done last year the conditions were horrible. Dirty filthy cages, all manner of infections and diseases, nails grown so long they curled around and dogs couldn't walk. It was horrible. Here in Hawaii they have a limit on how many dogs you can have in a home - I think it's 6 but I'm not positive, unfortunately it's hard to enforce.

Alice X said...

WOW 44 dogs! That's a lot. It's such a shame when people neglect animals. Just because they are animals doesn't mean they don't suffer.