Monday, October 18, 2010

News Reel ~ Asshat Kicks Dog; Police Dispatcher Finds Stolen Dog

Check out this news article! Sick Thug Filmed Booting His Dog. You can't tell me that the reporter who wrote this article isn't an animal lover.

It is thought the footage was taken on October 1 and was filmed in Knee Hill Park in Woolwich, South London

How I'd like to put the boot to that guy ... like a piñata ... Instead, I am hoping that the RSPCA will be able to find this asshat and send him to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Damned SOB.

On a brighter note, the police dispatcher in Peterborough deserves a pat on the back today after she finds stolen dog onlineThe husky was left tied up outside a No Frills for 10 minutes on Friday ... the dispatcher heard about the stolen dog and started checking Kijiji ... The dog was being advertised as an eight-month-old husky for $600. Plainclothes officers arranged to meet with the sellers at a north-end car wash ... Two brothers, age 14 and 17, of Peterborough, have been charged with possession of stolen property.


GoLightly said...

OH, I can`t watch, my head will explode.

grrrrrrrrr, POS, scum-bucket..


Yay for safe returns of stolen dogs!

what the heck is wrong with people..

sorry, just muttering.
HAH, word verf, `rerant`. We gotta keep ranting, over and over and over...

Horses do NOT belong in cages!

crap, I`ve turned on sticky keys again. How do I turn them off...
wanders off, grousing..

Kristine said...

Awful, awful, awful. Some people are just sickening.

The only good thing about all of this is that technology has made it possible to broadcast asshole behaviour all over the world. Even if this guy gets away with it legally, everyone who's ever met or worked with him will now see him for who he truly is. I hope it kicks him in the ass.

GoLightly said...

I watched, I should't have. I cried. I read the comments, and there was someone comparing Cesar Millan's methods with that blatant display of cruel abuse.

Dear god, I've had it with humans.