Tuesday, October 26, 2010

News Reel ~ The Importanct of a Solid Recall

Here is another reason why it is so CRUCIAL to have a solid recall! Your dog should come back to you when you call. Simple. Easy peasy. So why don't people teach their dogs to come back?!?

Check it out ... Car hits Minnesota man chasing his dog on I-94

My first question ... why doesn't your dog come back when called?
My second question ... why did you allow your dog to run away near I-94?
My third question ... why? Just ... why?
This incident has resulted in a dead dog. IMHO there is no excuse for asshattery on the part of the dog owner. You are supposed to be the responsible one! You are supposed to be the one in charge! You are supposed to keep your dog safe. Idiot.
PLEASE teach your dog to come back when called!! PLEASE teach your dog basic obedience!!

Above you will note that I found you a Dogs for Dummies DVD. There is no excuse not to teach your dog (no, not even "I can't read" because I found you a DVD). Watch it.

Alternatively, the below amazon link is a book that might help you.


GoLightly said...

Yeah, basic dog-owning rule number one. You cannot outrun a dog. Okay, maybe an overweight rugrat, you can.
But a normal dog??

Dumb, plain and simply dumb.

Heck, my first job at the Oakville Humane Society was to catch a rabbit. Took me an hour and a half, and that was a rabbit! In a large fenced yard!

Chasing a dog down a highway takes a special type of dumb, dumb, dumb.

I'm sorry the guy was hurt.
MAYbe the animals got loose from his car, and were terrified. Their first instinct, if trained properly, should be to go to the owner for safety.

Red dog's first instinct, when chased by an aggressive AmStaff, was to jump into my arms. I had only owned her a few months.

Coming when called should be rule number one.

Orlando Web Design said...

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Unknown said...

First off, I would ALWAYS make sure that I trained my dog to come back to me when I called it. The dog should be running back to ME, not in the opposite direction.

And second of all, I would be very careful about taking a newly-owned dog very far from home. Doing that is just so retarded. I don't know what that guy was thinking anyway. Didn't he know that you can't keep up with a dog that is running from you?