Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Tails ~ Teddy and some others

Thought I'd pass on some really nice news today so rather than giving you a Pupdate of the dogs that are at the shelter, I'm going to let you know some of the ones who have been adopted recently! A bit of good news in a sea of disappointment. It's nice to be able to share some "Happy Tails".

Teddy is the most recent guy adopted. Here is his advertisement: Teddy is a ten-year-old neutered Belgian Shepherd cross with all the loyalty and intelligence the breed possesses. He waited patiently at the pound and now at the shelter for the owner he believed would come. Day by day, his hope dwindled as he looked at each car pulling into the parking lot. He has lovely manners and would like a home for the rest of his days. In return, he will give you his whole heart. Everyone at the shelter was so excited when he was adopted! (Maybe a little sad to say goodbye though) Every time we walked him, he would pull and pull to go see the cars in the parking lot to see if one of them was his. It was very sad and broke a great many hearts at the shelter. Sometimes when we get the real old guys in, the dog walkers all worry that they will be around forever ... scary thing is that sometimes they are faster to be adopted than the middle aged ones!!

Of the dogs from our pull day, Riley, Charlie, and Pip have all been adopted. Jenny has a waiting list 4 families deep and we are waiting to determine who will take her. Heidi still has no takers but she is in today for her spay surgery.

Penny was one of our long term stays. She was eventually adopted by one of our volunteers.

Amy is a real sweet heart. So happy to see people that she just can't stop wiggling!! This was one we never even had to advertise because she was adopted via word of mouth.

Ruby is also a dog we didn't advertise. Another word of mouth adoption. Busy busy gal! So much energy ... and she wasn't a deep "thinker" so things such as a Kong Wobbler (which we give to some of the busier guys) wasn't of interest for her at all!! She needed to burn off energy the old fashion way ... walking, running and swimming!! Luckily, she enjoyed a good game of fetch so that helped our volunteers.

We currently have Tucker, Gracie, Am.Eskimo (no name yet), Heidi, Melody and Jenny at the shelter.

I will be going to AC again this week or next for another pull day.

I have also offered to take a dog I received via email ... one of those "if we don't find a home it will be euthanized" jobbies, but I don't know if we'll end up with him as the person who has him doesn't want him to go to a shelter (even though we are no kill and have a super duper kennel enrichment program ... If she feels that it is better to kill the dog then that's none of my business, right? I did offer to take him. That's all I can do. Some people really have to get their heads out their asses and take a good look at reality.)


GoLightly said...

Hey, wonder woman plus one. Can you help? Give me some suggestions, for Stanley?
I know, I know, I should go to your cat blog...
Stanley needs a home, too.

Good luck to them all, they are all beautiful. And if people could be more responsible about the life they "buy", or "get for free!", we'd all be happier campers....

Thanks for being there, either way, re: Stanley.
I'll explain further on tha' blog..

LegendsLiveOn said...

Awww, I absolutely love Teddy. Good for the pups! They look great. :-)

LegendsLiveOn said...

Ah, and just thought I'd like you know before your blog explodes, I linked to your low-cost speuter clinics on a very high traffic website. Hoping a lot of people will see it and be inspired to go gets their pets fixed. :-)

GoLightly said...

Thanks, DDF. I know, I know. Can't hurt to ask:) AND, by industriously networking away to FIND Stanley a home, Dad called yesterday to say "Stanley can stay for a while longer..."
So, Yay!
Virtual internet guilt got 'em!
Stanley is a tough sell, I know. But what a sweet cat he is. I feel for his illness, too, of course. The drug he's on made me feel like shite. Not enough money in the bank to "nuke" his thyroid though. Not yet, anyway. If he starts to suffer, I'll let him go. But right now, he's in mostly cat heaven! He has four kitty litters for heaven's sakes. I didn't want ANY messes to worry about:)
Thanks again, hope you are feeling swell:)

LegendsLiveOn said...

GoLightly, I remember you following my old blog, Doggone Fugly. I have opened a new blog of the same sort at intertwinedk9.blogspot.com. Hope to see you join. This one is updated frequently!

Barrie Chevrolet said...

What beautiful pups!

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

LLO ... Thanks! I hope we can spread the word!

GL ... Right on! Go guilt :) I do still hope you are able to find a place for him though. I know that some shelters have bullitin boards for people trying to rehome their cats ... What about making a poster and putting it up?

Swell?? Maybe "swelling" ... whoever said that pregnancy is a beautiful thing?? So far it seems pretty sucky to me. The latest is that I've now had to buy all new clothing - not that I mind shopping, but I'd rather spend it on my dogs! haha.

Dreamy said...

I love reading your blog. I love dogs and I can't see any dog in pain. I tried my best what I could to save them. I have a blog dedicated to animals too-

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I hope that someone will take care of Teddy along with some other dogs. They're cute little dogs that need to have love and care.