Thursday, April 28, 2011

RANT ~ Dog Wars ... Let's make little Vicks!

Still trying to keep my head above water over here ... the puppies (or should I call them "Poopies"?) are 6.5 weeks old and trouble...makers! My goodness. It's a good thing they are cute because they take all my free time and all my patience.

I read an email a few hours ago and I've been sputtering mad ever since. It took me a few hours to calm down enough to even begin to consider posting a comprehensive blog entry about this. After reading this, I hope you CROSS POST this to as many blogs as we can and I hope that you report this as an inappropriate app to the Android Market ... here goes ...

A new Application has been released for the Android cellular phone OS ... it's called "Dog Wars". See the picture below ...

In this game, players train Pit Bulls to fight. The dogs are forced to drag tires and can be injected with steroids as their owners shoot at cops coming in to bust the ring.

Why does it feel like we are going backwards all of a sudden?

Although it looks as though Google has pulled "Dog Wars" off the marketplace, I strongly encourage everyone to let Google know just what they think of this application! Find the website below that will link you directly to a form you can fill in and send to Google.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Shadow's 28-Day Eukanuba Challenge ~ Recap

Well I'm a little late with my final post for the 28-day challenge ... today is day 44! Sometimes life gets busy. That's ok though because my review of the product doesn't change much from day 28 to day 44. Eukanuba remains a good product, if you ask me, but then again - I was already sold on it ...

Eukanuba is the only food that my allergy ridden dog can eat without a reaction. We tried many different brands on the market (nearly all of them - including the imported one made from kangaroo meat!) - when we were trying to find a resolution to Shadow's allergies, cost was not a factor. Ultimately, our veterinarian recommended Eukanuba (since it is what she feeds!) and after a week, Shadow had noted improvements in her condition - she's been eating it ever since that time. The food that was sent to me for this challenge was actually a different type of Eukanuba than she normally is fed. That meant that we had to watch her like a hawk for any allergic reactions she might have.

I was impressed to note that this "Naturals" food gave Shadow more energy than the normal Eukanuba. Whenever a high-energy dog starts to slow down with old age, it is wonderful to find something that gives them that spark of life again. It's great to see the sparkle in her eyes and hear the mischievous "RAWR" in her growly-play-bark.

The dogs were excited to eat it (ok, they are always excited to eat food BUT they were more excited than normal with this food) AND it did not smell like Play-Doh! (I hate that IAMS Play-Doh smell!). To me, the lack of Play-Doh smell remains an enormous plus!

Whenever we have really sick animals come into the shelter or old animals, we put them on Eukanuba. The reason for that is because there is something special about the Eukanuba formula that helps the sick guys get back on track. I don't know what it is in there that does it but Eukanuba firms up their BM's, allows them to either put on weight or keep weight on and will often give an animal that would otherwise be too sick/old to live another lease on life. If the shelter could afford to feed Eukanuba to every dog/cat there, we would.

Shadow will continue to eat Eukanuba; probably for the rest of her life. While I would absolutely love to put all my dogs on a RAW food diet, Eukanuba is simply the right choice for Shadow at this stage in her life. No matter my personal opinions about the product, the right decision will always lie in the decision that does right by the dog. It puts a dent in my wallet but it's worth it to see her happy.