Thursday, April 22, 2010

Featured Rescue - Dozer the Boxer

Today's Featured Rescue is inspired by the recent events in Brampton. Dozer is a handsome 3 year old Boxer. Dozer is going to be a challenge to anyone who adopts him but he will probably turn out to be a great dog. He's aloof to the animals he lives with which means he either doesn't like them or doesn't have much use for them (my bet would be that he doesn't like them! Believe it or not, your dog won't necessarily like every other dog they meet).
He's reactive to other animals "and anything that moves". That means he probably lunges, barks and snarls at these things. Most of the time, when rescues use the word "reactive" it means the dog has aggressive tendencies that can be resolved in time with training. They don't like to use the word "aggressive" because it turns people off.
Dozer is currently being cared for by Boxer Rescue Ontario so if you're interested, please contact them for an adoption application.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

News Reel - Rambo and Brittany NOT Pitbulls

For everyone who was out there holding their breath in anticipation here it is ... Rambo and Brittany are NOT Pitbulls! Go figure, eh? Check out the entire article here:

The gist of the article is that the independent veterinarian deemed the dogs not to be Pitbulls and after 97 days in the pound, the two dogs get to go home (FINALLY!). Branco has spent more than $20,000 in legal fees fighting this process. Branco paid the $50 for a licence and picked up Brittany, but was shocked when he found out he would have to post a big red sign on his fence declaring a “dangerous dog” lives at the home.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

News Reel - Bandit Euthanized; Rambo and Brittany update

In 2003, a dog named Bandit mauled a young boy. The boy was the grandson of Bandit's owner. He went to live at Toronto Humane Society along with many other animals. Bandit has been the source of many controversial discussions in recent years since a Judge ordered him destroyed after the 2003 mauling that left the young boy requiring 250 stitches. On Wednesday, Bandit was euthanized. If you are interested in reading the entire story, see the article at the Toronto Star Notorious pit bull Bandit put to death

There is an interesting sidebar on this story and that is an update about Rambo and Brittany. (Read previous blog posts Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3.) If you scroll down the page, you will find the following headline on the left "VET TO RULE IF DOGS ARE PIT BULLS". The City of Brampton is now having an "independent veterinarian" come in to decide if these dogs are "illegals" or not. The article states "If the report determines the dogs are pit bulls, Branco and Gaspar will have a short period of time to find a home for them outside the province. If the report is inconclusive or finds they are not pit bulls, the owners will get their dogs back. "

Monday, April 12, 2010

Featured Rescue - Babe the Black Labrador

It's Black Dog Monday -- yahoo! Today's Featured Rescue is Babe, the Black Labrador Retriever. Babe was hit by a car and required surgery to repair her injuries. She had a broken pelvis in at least 3 places, a cracked femur , and severe bruising on her lungs. She also tested positive for heartworm and is taking meds to combat them. Poor gal hasn't had the best time yet.
Babe is currently being cared for by The Animal Rescue Foundation of Ontario which is located in London, ON.
The rescue doesn't mention this, but that vet bill is going to be huge. Babe's adoption fee won't cover it. Because of this, I have decided to donate all advertising fees I receive from the month of April on this blog to ARF. Why? Because they didn't mention it.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

CL Ads - Why Would you Post That?

All I can say is ... Why Would you Post That? Here are a couple of interesting ads I found today while perusing CL. I thought I'd share them with you!

Ad # 1 "Best Pit Ever!!!"
I actually think it is from a rescue but they don't put that info in there so it's really hard to tell. It's a cute dog with a nice write up ... however I have to admit that I would never consider putting something like this in an ad for an adoptable dog: "Brownie also just loves to spoon with you as you go to sleep" Ok. "SAY WHAT!?" I'm sure you're thinking to yourself "did I read that right?" but yes ... they actually did post that. Seriously ... why would you post that?!

Ad # 2 "give Charlie a home"
Ok ... I'm sorry but any ad that says "chiwawa" in it rather than Chihuahua has some issues. It literally makes me SHUDDER. Spell Check! I honestly believe that if you can't spell the breed of your own dog you should look it up before posting - otherwise, why would you post that? Oh, and by the way "there is a re homein fee" so any interested parties should make sure you bring that along with you when you go pick him up.

Ad # 3 "2 lovely dogs for rehoming"
The only reason why I grabbed this one is because they are advertising two "pappy-poos" for rehoming. If you are like me and are asking yourself "What the hell is a Pappy-poo?" It is a Papillion / Poodle mix. Surprise! The latest in designer breeds? Not sure ... I suppose I've not been following the designer dogs so much since I'm not aware of the latest mutt they're passing off as disirable. I really should keep up with these things ... PAH. The ad has pictures - they look pretty fugly to me, but maybe I'm not the best person to ask about such things. Honestly ... if you are trying to find homes for your dogs, why not take pictures of the dogs when they are nicely groomed?? Otherwise ... Why Would You Post That?!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Herding Clinic This Weekend

There is a beginner herding clinic this weekend and I am going with the ACD. I don't think we know enough but our trainer seems to feel that we're doing quite well. Seems to me that I get the "NO!" and "You're too LATE/EARLY" way too much to participate in a clinic but she says that this is all about learning and progressing. So ... I agreed to go. Yikes!

I have found that since working on sheep with the ACD, her stay is a LOT better everywhere else. I suppose that if she can manage to Stay while staring at a bunch of sheep then holding a Stay when we are in town and people are walking by is nothing! Who would've guessed that putting her on sheep would increase her self-control?

Anyway ... found this video yesterday and loved it! It's a bit off topic but I thought I'd pass it on because it was fun to watch.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pupdates - Lady goes home

Yahoo!! Our foster dog was adopted this weekend; she went to her new home on Sunday. We always hold our breath for the first few days - just in case - but again it was not necessary. Lady's new owners love her dearly. They are looking forward to taking her on camping trips and hiking with her. We are pleased to have found the right home - especially considering her mannerisms when she first arrived. They have even called twice with updates already!

While she was a lot of fun, she was a lot of work too. Our dogs slept for the entire first day she was gone. I actually wondered if they were ok at one point ... our dogs don't normally sleep that much! (Especially the ACD!)

It's been nice to be able to actually play with my own dogs without her interference. She is one of those dogs that jumps in whenever anyone does anything so I was constantly having to put my dogs on hold to deal with her. I often would be found putting her away in another room just so I could interact with my guys.

I realized yesterday that I hadn't actually played tug with any of the dogs since Lady came. So sad because that is a favourite for all of them. I have played tug so much in the last few days that I think my arms are going to fall off soon!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Featured Rescue - Nala the Border Collie / GSD mix

Well I left that last post up for a while - wanted to make sure as many readers saw it and read it as possible. I went through their animal listings but can't see which dog might have been left on March 22 ... therefore, I have decided to feature their black dog!

Nala is a Border Collie / German Shepherd Dog mix. Doesn't this picture just make you want to take her home?? Now THAT'S what I'm talking about when I say "you need a GOOD picture of any adoptable animal". The lighting is good. The angle is good. The fact that someone is sitting on the ground beside her is good too ... why? People picture themselves in the picture you take. Who doesn't want to hang out in the park with their loving dog? Doesn't matter that the leash is tight - would have been nice if we didn't see it but that's ok. Still an AWESOME picture. Kudos to the photographer for this one.
If you are interested in adopting Nala or any of the dogs at the Grey Bruce Animal Shelter, they encourage you to pick up the phone and call them (519) 372-1911. They will hold dogs for a few days or until the following weekend - WOW.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Awards - Hey You ...

Saw this when perusing different shelter websites and thought I'd pass it on ... This is why I think every shelter should have cameras that take a snapshot when motion activated. I am so glad that the Grey Bruce Animal Shelter posted this. They aren't close to me but I thought I'd pass on the info anyway.

Hey you.....

Sorry we missed you last night (March 22) when you came after dark. But, thank you for leaving your dog tied up to the container in the parking lot all night. It was good of you to leave her crate, some food and nail grinder, but you forgot the most important stuff - like a blanket for her, and a note with her name and medical history. Call us and give us this missing information - you can block your number by hitting *67 519 372-1911.

DDF In ... Congratulations Dumbass. You have been awarded the Dogs Deserve Freedom Asshat Award. You are the Asshat of the day ... doesn't that just make you feel Speshul?