Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Breeding - ACA and Puppy Mills

I did a little research in the last week or so about an organization called American Canine Association (ACA). Why did I do this research? Well, I had contacted a breeder and asked if their dogs are registered. When I received their response, it said that their dogs were all registered with ACA, I decided to do a google search and see what I could come up with.

ACA is a dog registry, yes. After parusing through the web site, I found little evidence that the requirements for registering are any higher than an ant hill. You need to report the dog's colour, breed, tattoo and microchip (if it has one). Then you need to attach any files about the dog from your computer. Online, they will only take payment through your credit card. Here is their Web Site.

Of course, continuing my research brought me closer and closer to full understanding.

This is a web forum discussion about ACA that touches on the topic of puppy mills and BYBers.

Here's a Yahoo Answers FAQ sheet that tells you the differences between ACA and AKC. There were some comments about ACA being a bogus registry that puppy mills use. There is even some info about AKC.

One more interesting posting about Mills and ACA. Yet another instance where ACA is in a bad light.

Here's one site that explains how to spot a puppy mill. This is probably the best one I found that looks at the facts. It discusses both the AKC and the ACA in a different light than any other place I had looked (so far).

Have you run into ACA in your travels through the dog world? What were your experiences with it?


GoLightly said...

A glance at their training page scares the crap out of me. Notice the use of wire crates. Easier to stack. The site stinks of B-S. Good call. I didn't know dogs went through phazes, or was it fazes, oh it's hard for me to mispell, I swear to God, I am losing the ability to spell. Phases, people. I love that they just stay, imprisoned, in their den, with no interaction. Take them outside, until they do their business, then back in the crate. But sometimes, they DO defecate and urinate "a few feet from where they wake up". Like, at the tender age where MOM SHOULD STILL BE WITH THEM. How convenient.
Less interaction, the better.
Puppy Mill Advocate, right there.
Breed 'em and stack 'em and ignore 'em. Oh, and register them with the ACA. OMFG. Makes sense though, how else can you be important, and sell lots of "papered" little products at the same time?
Yuck, eeeeeewwww.

I will not give that site any more hits. I might catch something.

Really bad "training.
"Common Training Question."
I guess, there is ONLY one. Is the puppy sold? MasterCard/Visa???
Oh, the health issues with the dog "licking or chewing something". Oh, the trauma. Diarrhea is treated with f-ing pepto-bismol etc. etc.
No mention of oh, maybe Distemper or worms or oh crap.
Call the Vets? Those guys were in the war, right??
Puppy/Dog Desperate for any outside contact, instead in a wire cage. Sorry, "Skye Kennel". Yeah, they may die, rhymes with Skye, oMFG.
Awful, just awful..

How DO you spell misspel/misspell/mispel?
Ah, thanks miracle of all things, that spell checker....

Pet Breeders Association my arse. Puppy miller Grand Poobahs, probably. Gotta make a buck!

(spits) Sorry bad taste. Sick, people.

Good call.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Ah yes ... the crate stacking ... In our area we have a breeder (who also happens to be the canine control *shudder*) in our area who does that. Takes them out for bathroom breaks.

It's interesting - she always makes sure that she gets the first choice of the dogs that she picks up ... makes you wonder, eh? I try not to get involved on THAT one! She's trouble.

Most mills don't care if they die - they'd prefer if they are sold before they get sick and die ... then at least they've made some money on them.