Friday, November 21, 2008

Featured Rescue - Riggs the Shih Tzu Puppy

An interesting comment was made this week about certain dog breeds and their high demand. Now, please keep in mind it was a simple comment and likely wasn't made to suggest that these dogs should be bred because they are in demand, but I am going to comment on this topic in general. Don't take offense and don't think that I am making this post in reply to the comment. I am simply grabbing the topic and expanding on it. (like my disclaimer?)

While I will agree that certain breeds of small dogs are in "high demand", this does not mean that they should be bred because they are a certain breed. Below are some numbers pulled from today...

There are 1,769 Shih Tzu's or Shih Tzu mixes listed in Petfinder as looking for homes.
684 Bichon Frise
1,019 Boston Terrier
3,890 Dachshund
2,427 JRTs and 633 PRTs
708 Lhasa Apso
604 Maltese

With this many "high demand" dogs currently seeking homes in rescues listed on Petfinder (not to mention all those that are not listed on there!), I don't see that there is too high a demand not being filled. What I do see is that people are too lazy to look for a dog - it's easier just to get their dog from the breeder up the road, right? Of those listed, there are a fair amount that are purebred. There are also a fair amount that are puppies. Yes, many are adult or older dogs, but that is not the whole of it.

Also, if searching for a dog of a specific breed, why not contact a breed-specific rescue? They are not all listed on Petfinder.

Regardless of the breed of dog and whether or not it is in demand as a pet, I still believe there are certain accomplishments that any dog bred should reach before breeding.

I don't believe that dogs should be mixed on purpose since there are so many people who have Oops's in their backyards. That said, IF you DO choose to mix two breeds together, both parents should be registered with a LEGIT registry (I'm thinking AKC or CKC here people) and they should also have something to their name in an accomplishment. Did they win a show? Did they achieve a certain level of Obedience Trials and recieve a prize or acknowledgement? Did they earn a certain level of herding or ... SOMETHING!

I don't believe dogs should be bred without reaching some level of potential and I don't believe that untrained dogs should be bred.

I think that puppy mills should be illegal in all provinces and states and animal control (or Animal Protection Services through SPCAs) should have the ability to charge the people running them. Not only that, I think that they should be charged with hoarding. Maybe give them a fine for every dog that doesn't have a dog license??
I have added this picture of a 16 week old Shih Tzu puppy that is available through rescue.
I hope I've explained my opinion well enough? Is this so?


☮momoKo said...

Hi!When I read your blog, I notice lowness of the ability to understand my English.Have a great weekend!

RedDeerSeeker said...

I would have to disagree with your post today.

I don't think that all breeding dogs need to be show dogs, or have won some kind of award. Most are being sold as companion animals, not working dogs or show dogs. I just think you need to make sure there is a demand for what you are breeding. You can find that out very easily by doing a little research in your particular area.

Anyway...nice to hear all kinds of opinions, thats what makes the world go around:)

Heres a great idea! I think the government should offer free spay and neuters to all animals.

RedDeerSeeker said...

Hey, I just looked at Rigs, and his adoption fee is $ they obviously think they can get that much for him. More that lots of horses go for around these parts.