Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Puppy Mill vs. Euthanasia

Ok, so I have a question for everyone. This thought started swirling around in my head after my last post about mills being shut down. I have considered it before and tend to waffle back and forth. I know what my ultimate answer is, though it isn't a pretty one. Maybe some of you would like to give your opinion??

Here it is.

Do you think it is better to pull dogs out of a mill only to euthanize them for the lack of space to house them and food to feed them?? (This is assuming that the dogs are fed and watered regularly at the mill, of course) This would prevent the dogs from breeding more and making the problem bigger.

If not, what could the resolution be? We all know that the people running the mill won't stop breeding. Could we give them orders (as in written orders by an APS agent) to sell off all their dogs but keep them until that point??

I know we're going to start playing the politics game here and people would say either they need to be removed or not, but forget all that for now. Or even, how would you deal with that (the politics)?

What's your opinion?


RedDeerSeeker said...

I've only been in one large scale puppy breeding farm. It was clean, very well kept, and the puppies and dogs were in excellent condition. The health of the dogs and puppies,was of utmost importance. I've also been in many homes that breed so called purebred and crossbred small dogs in HORRIBLE conditions. Dirty, no vet care, breeding dogs with known health or genetic defects. For the puppies and dogs in this condition, I feel that euthenasia may be a more humane option.

I'm not sure what the answer is, I know free spay and neutering would make a huge difference. Just having stricter laws concerning animal neglect would make a huge difference because then all the poeple breeding puppies in horrid conditions would have a way harder time.

Molly the Airedale said...

Reading about puppy mills is just horrible and we hate them! Mitch came from a pet store at 4 months old and mom and dad feel that they rescued this boy and gave him a good life. We do hope that one day puppy mills will cease to exist!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Eleanor_rigby - I too have seen much the same. Often, when there are that many dogs and it is that big scale, they HAVE to keep facilities clean to keep their bills down. If it's clean then it decreases risk of diseases spreading.

Maggie and Mitch - I have that hope too!

GoLightly said...
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GoLightly said...

If you bought the dog at a pet store, you are supporting Puppy Mills.
I'm glad you were rescued, but you supported the industry, by giving them $$.
As long as there are Pet Stores, there will be Puppy Mills.

Designer Puppies said...

I get very sad when thinking about this situation. In one hand yes we have a problem with the overpopulation of dogs but in the other hand even when they call it euthanasia, we are taking their lifes away :(
For me the only solution, which will take time and a lot of work, is to really make people think about their actions and how they change their life of little creatures forever.