Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Movie Day! Today's Special? Dog Fighting

So have you ever taken a few days off and deemed one day as "Movie Day"?? We do on occasion (like twice in the winter...) provided the weather is too rough to be out. On those -40C days here, we don't go outside for long. Just long enough for a quick run for the dogs, feed the animals in the barns, and do any other quick chores there are to do.

So, in honour of "Movie Days", this is my first ever here on the blog. I hope you enjoy the ones I found and I hope you comment to add your own in today's list!


This one's called Peace for Dogs

This one's called Pitbulls: it's never too late

And for the finale, since my theme for today seems to have been dog fighting and pit bulls (though I hadn't originally meant it that way!!), here's one about good ol' Michael Vick. It's called Dog's in the Kennel.
It's not as graphic as I would have liked (personally, I would have liked to see one where he gets his butt kicked in the ring ... or maybe euthanasia ...) but it is still a pretty good short video. I hope you enjoy it

And that's all for movie day! If you have any dog fighting related videos that you'd like to share, please do. I will post another Movie Day later on about something else, so please keep on topic if you can.

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