Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pet Photo Contest

Well first off, I hope your Holidays were spectacular. I hope your guests were polite and gentle with your four legged roommates. There were some two legged guests who came over to our house that we had to speak with - sometimes they can be so pushy and rude! The two legged ones often forget that the four legged ones live here and thus should be accorded the same sort of deference as my husband and I.

I received an email over the holidays that after some investigation, I thought I would share with you. I couldn't find anything overly weird about it other than the fact that the website is offering money to the winners (I can't help it - I always ask questions when they are giving away money!). There is a pet photo contest that has daily prizes of $25 and weekly prize of $125. You can find info about it over at under "PetPhotoContest". If you decide to join up and participate, please post and let us know that your pet's picture is on the site. The website is a "social network for pet lovers".


RedDeerSeeker said...

Awe....USA residents only :(

Ice Pony Girl said...

I agree! My home is my dog's home. Once my MIL came over for dinner and when she got here she asked me to put my dogs outside while we ate. Of course ...I did not and she became very upset with me. I reminded her my dogs were family members. She totally did not agree. That was the last time she came over to eat dinner at my house. Her loss.

Dog_geek said...

When my brother's children come over, I usually let the dogs say hi to everyone for a little while, and then I crate them in the bedroom with the door shut for most of the rest of the time. (The dogs, that is, not the children.) The kids are not good with the dogs, and it is too nerve wracking for me to be the only one who is carefully supervising their interactions and preventing the dogs from being grabbed, poked, whacked, or chased. I think it is much less stressful for me and the dogs to keep them safe and protected from the kids. If there were ever an incident, even if the kids were at fault, it is the dogs who would pay the price, and I am absolutely not willing to take that chance.

My sis-in-laws kids, on the other hand, behave perfectly with the dogs and there has never been an issue, so the dogs hang out with us the whole time.

☮momoKo said...

Happy new year 2009!
Happy for you and your family!

Peace and love

Lacy said...

w00f's DDF, cood u go to and c iffin u no whatt kinda collar that iz...thanks...

b safe,

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

With our dogs, they are able to relocate to another room often without people following them (the benefits of having a LARGE house). If you have a smaller house than it is definetely a good idea to put the dogs away for a few hours where they can have some quiet time. One of our dogs would love to have someone throw the ball for him 24/7, so we usually ask the kids that if they would like to play with the dogs to take him out and "fetch" with him.

One of my husband's nephews is autistic and he loves our fetching dog. Of course, that being said, the dogs are always monitored when with children. Neither dogs nor children should be put into the position of having to be the responsible adult.

You're right dog_geek ... if there were ever an incident, the dogs would be blamed. Not the kids. Regardless of who is at fault.

Lacy - I've taken a look at the collar and am working on a blog posting for it. Thought I'd put up the picture as well. I haven't seen that one used, but there are many things used on farms that are not the most humane and make me shudder.