Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Asshat Rant - Some People Shouldn't

You know, I strongly believe that some people just shouldn't own dogs. No, let me re-word that statement, I believe many people shouldn't own dogs. Owning a dog is not a right; it is a privilege.

Check out this ad on CL this week from Toronto ... the OP's words are blue, mine are red.

He is not neutered. Of course he's not. Why would you spend money to neuter the guy if you weren't planning on keeping him? He had his Rabies shot last year. Im located in whitby. There is an adoption fee that applies. No kidding. You'll probably want to re-coup the money you spent on his original purchase price as well as his vaccinations. Very good dog. They all are. And they are often "beautiful" when they are looking for new homes - did you know that? Energetic. He's a Border Collie - what did you expect? A couch potatoe? I dont have the time to play with him as much as I should. Than why did you get a Border Collie? Asshat. Good with kids, and other pets. Very cute. That's nice. His cuteness was obviously not enough to prevent you from getting rid of him. House trained and understands when you tell him to sit, stay, sleep. You taught your dog to sleep? Interesting ... I have to find a home for him because I have a baby and he is to energetic. You have a baby and he's energetic? Wow - I couldn't see that one coming. Do you know how many people out there have dogs AND babies?? Good grief - some people can even chew gum and walk at the SAME TIME. Astonishing. He is a border collie. He is 8months old. Woah. Hold on there skippy. He's 8 months old ... Did you not have a baby when you got him?? Did you forget you were pregnant? Did you just find this baby on the side of the road somewhere and BOOM suddenly your world changed? Now you can't keep your dog?

You know, the sad thing is that this dog probably has the potential to be a wicked-awesome dog. He's probably smarter than the owner. Let's hope she hasn't done too much damage and it doesn't take too long to retrain this poor guy.

Asshat. Congratulations.
You've been awarded the Dogs Deserve Freedom Asshat Award.


Melissa said...

Yeah, 'I have a baby, so the young dog has to go' has to be one of the worst excuses ever. But I'll bet that dog was damn cute at the 'fuzzball with legs' stage. Why people can't think through the next few YEARS of their lives and make sure there's room for a dog before they get one, I don't know.

Flo said...

Not only should some people not have dogs, they shouldn't be allowed to have children.......

GoLightly said...

Argh. Poor puppy.
Puppy, he ain't no dog yet!


Jen said...

The thing is that puppy is probably really good with the baby. I'd love to adopt him but he isn't neutered and I'd have to travel a long ways to get him. But I bet he is an awesome dog. A Border Collie was the smartest animal I have ever had

ChrisJ said...

My theory is that for some people having a baby triggers downright irrational worries about cleanliness & germs. I know my MIL (normally a very mild mannered woman) was upset at the idea of my son crawling on the same floor that our collies walked & slept on.

More recently I witnessed a woman carefully & thoroughly clean her toddler's hands & arms with alcohol gel after he petted the nice doggy (my clean, healthy collie, Lucy).

Ironically being raised with dog "cooties" (i.e. hair, dirt, dander) likely did more to help rather than harm my son's health.

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

the listing has been deleted by the author. Hopefully that's a good thing.

Andrea said...

So sad. BC's are such great dogs when they are matched with the right person and the right environment...I wish I could have helped.