Monday, March 29, 2010

News Reel - From calm to crazy, and back again

I love this article. It's about the zoomies ... you know ... those wild-crazy I-Love-Life-Yaaaaaaa-Watch-Out-Run-Run-Run-Run-Run-Yahoo moments that your dog has. It is hard to remember as a dog person that not everyone is familiar with this behaviour and it may seem weird or bad. Here is one columnists' opinion about the zoomies:

From calm to crazy, and back again

I have found that my guys get the zoomies when we go swimming at the pond. Our ACD gets them every few days in the house - no set time. Of course, any time we have a group dog walk we have at least two dogs who get them. Has your dog ever experienced the Zoomies? When? Is there a set time? Does he/she still?


GoLightly said...

I Love the zoomies.
Funniest thing, ever.

Flip will do it, when she's had a big poop, or when she's finally gotten out of the car, which she hates..

Blaze will start clamping/tucking her tail into a C, and then ZOOOOOOM around like a fool, racing through the pond, leaping imaginary ditches, generally making a goof of herself.
One of my favourite behaviours.

The two girls will play "Who herds the BEST!"
Flip wins, but Blaze runs about twenty times farther than Flip does.
Wise old sister is Flip:)

They love to make me laugh:)

Flo said...

The zoomies are the best!!! My male gets them once in a while but my female gets them every night after dinner. After eating and relaxing for about 1/2 an hour she will suddenly just start in. It's the funniest thing because she is a pit bull/sharpei mix and has these little stumpy legs, but she manages to zoom around all over... too funny. When she starts that we always say here comes sparky!!

Unknown said...

I love the Zoomies, too! My middle aged Beagle, Annie, will get a stick in the yard and be off - teasing others to get her and beating the snot out of them. When I had the (now adopted) Dachshund mix puppies, they zoomed so much, my photog friend could only get photos when I held them - and she is a pro. Now, Margie and Jack do zoomies, particularly Margie - she uses Jack as a foil, zipping around - yep, she is still a puppy. My all around favorite controlled zoomie was by my late Louie Beagle, He would put a dog chew on in a doorway, literally back up out of sight, then wait for a dog to come pick up this "random" chew only to be met by a faux furious Louie. HA.

mytwh said...

I love zoomies! Ziggy still has them at 5 and a half, usually after a bath or forced swimming (he hates swimming but sometimes we put him in the lake to cool off on hot summer days). Sometimes it's for no reason, but boy does it make me laugh, usually till I'm ready to pee my pants!

I actually just adopted out a foster Boston Terrier that had frequent zoomies and got this email from the adopter today: "He still gets in these spells when we are convinced he is possessed by the devil". I sent him the zoomie article!

Viatecio said...

We call it puppy "surge," but zoomies seems to be the more accepted term.

Mallory gets them whenever possible. I'm sure if invited, she would have no problem with getting all revved-up before I put her to bed in her crate. It's frustrating because she likes to go-go-go right after she eats (well, that way too), when she's supposed to be digesting and settled!

Zeke would still have them when he was 10 and 11, but they were definitely less intense and of shorter duration than normal. He put all his effort into it though, and the day he finally admitted that he was an old man was the day he took the one-way trip.

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Zoomiesw are the best fun, EVAH! Zoomies should be encouraged. why would anyone want to stop their dog from zoomin? You know your dogs going to start at 5 take him outside to burn off the energy.

Stumpy gets a guarenteed case, twice a day. Once in the morning when we get to work and then at the end of the day when she gets out of the office. Everyone loves her zoomies!

GoLightly said...

Oh, I forgot. They get a serious case of the simultaneous zoomies, right when they know time's up for the evening.
Five more minutes, pleeeez?? Zoom, zoom, zooooom.
Again, Blaze traveling four times further than Flip.
Make that 8 times.

Then they collapse:)

old poop out.

bichonpawz said...

Ah yes, Zoomies!! Zoomies ROCK!! We have them many times a day as we have two bichons living here! They happen for a variety of reasons...but mostly I think it's when they just want to say WOOHOO!!! And that's the way they say it! Makes everybody feel good....SOOOOOOO good!!

Shadow Rider said...

Wolfhound zoomies are the best! Finn gets them at the end of his morning walk, when I let him off the leash, after a bath, at night after dinner.
I'm trying to get video of him doing it, he leaps, spins, even once spinning around in the air.