Monday, December 6, 2010

Featured Rescue ~ Dublin the Greyhound

Long ago, I started running Featured Rescues every three days but lately I've been lucky to post three per month. That doesn't mean that there are any less dogs out there for adoption ... just that I've been slacking in the posting. I will try to re-start my black dog postings for Mondays and another Featured Rescue sometime throughout the week ...

Today's Featured Rescue is Dublin the Greyhound. Dublin is a black brindle beauty. She is 3.5 years old. The pictures of Dublin on Petfinder aren't that great so I snagged the best one for her post here. Dublin is not cat-safe and she is also toy possessive. From the sounds of it, she will need a little work to become the world's greatest dog (but she will and can get there easily and quickly with the right owner).


Kristine said...

Dublin is beautiful and I'm sure would be worth every little bit of effort. Best wishes to her, I hope she gets snapped up soon by the perfect family.

Anonymous said...

Such unique critters they are.

Hope you're feeling better!
Good luck, Dublin!


Pishkeen said...

Greyhounds are the best couch potatoes!

I just brought home my own shelter dog this morning. She's a 3yr old border collie cross, but she looks a bit like a catahoula leopard dog. She's actually pretty relaxed and happy to hang out with me while I'm on my computer. Any sage advice?

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Kristine and GL - I agree! Hopefully potential adopters don't turn away since she's black>

Pishkeen ... tons! But I can't type it all out in a comment box ... they have limits :) You have now entered the "Honeymoon" period. It will last approximately 2 weeks though it has lasted as long as 2 months for some dogs. Once that is over, you will enter a testing phase. It takes about 6 months for a dog to settle into a home and for the new owners to see "his/her true colours".

Good Luck!

Pishkeen said...

Thanks DDF, I feel like the 'testing phase' has already started. She's pretty independent, and I don't think she's used to having any boundaries. Her attitude is slowly getting better though, even in just the three days I've had her. Lets say I've got high hopes, but realistic expectations!