Friday, December 3, 2010

Pupdate and upcoming posts

This weekend I will be getting back on track with posting to this blog. I haven't been posting due to a "series of unfortunate events" that happened over the last month. This series of unfortunate events begins with a vacation that shouldn't have happened and goes from there.

The vacation was supposed to be my husband and I with one of our nephews. The three of us. As each month passed in our approach to the vacation, another person joined our group. Ultimately, there were two nephews, a brother-in-law, a mother-in-law and a father-in-law. Yikes! Now, I enjoy spending time with each of them separately but when it came down to putting us all together into a vacation ... well let's just say that it turns sour PDQ.

The first few days after we got home seemed to go pretty smoothly. Until I got a phone call that a close friend of the family had died in his sleep. A heart attack. Turns out that when you quit drinking (after 40 years of alcoholism), your blood thickens and sometimes your heart just can't take it. At least, that's what the family was told. So, I pack up and hike it to the funeral. Unfortunately when you get back from vacation during a super busy time of the year, your boss frowns on taking time off. No condolences ... I had to fight to get the day off and ended up getting it off without pay when I contacted HR myself and pulled a few heart-strings.

While I'm at the reception for the funeral, I get a call to find out that a grandmother has died. Great. Ok fine. Pack up and head home. Call the office and let the boss know that I have to take another day off ... that went over like a sack of bricks. Of course, at this point I am so horribly behind in my work that my coworkers are starting to pick up the loose ends.

Next ball to drop ... a few days after the last funeral it snows. Not only does it snow, but it rains all evening, freezes overnight and snows on top. We have to go to a wedding that day and I made an appointment to get my hair done that morning. So, I pile into my husband's SUV (because he's taking my pickup truck to get the snowthrower he just bought) and head off into town.

Less than 5km away from home, I hit ice on an S curve. I loose control of the SUV. It goes left. Then right. I pick a spot to ditch the vehicle thinking "it better not roll or my dog's dead" (because of course I have my dog loose in the back seat! Dumbass). We sail over the ditch, smashing the bumper when we bottom out, and head straight for the trees. The SUV smashes into the copse of trees, knocking two of them over and popping up their roots. Surrounded by trees, the doors won't open. I have to turn the SUV back on and reverse out of this mess. Worse still -- now I'm late for my hair appointment!

If I did not have a bush bar on the front of the SUV, I would have written off the car. Some people tell me I have horseshoes in unmentionable places ... maybe - maybe not.

Luckily, my husband can fix the car, my dog is a-ok and I walked away with Phase II Whiplash. I've been told that it will take 4 to 6 months to recover with no treatment but we might be able to cut it in half with physiotherapy.

So here I am. Going to physio three times a week. Massage one day. Acupuncture and Chiropractor two days each. If this headache doesn't go away soon I'm going to go postal. I will be back to posting regularly now. I have to get back to my "normal" routine or I will go crazy.


giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Welcome back! I think I saw that movie!

GoLightly said...

oh, crap.

SO sorry, DDF.


Glad you and your dog are okay..

Kristine said...

Brutal. What a hellish idea of a vacation. I'm so sorry to hear about the deaths of friends and family members. Everything seems to happen all at once, doesn't it?

I hope your injuries heal quickly. Be good to yourself.

Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

Welcome back alive! In hindsight only, I found it amusing after going through the trees with the SUV your worst thing was being late for your hair appt. We are such girls! Glad you are getting treatment for the whiplash as it can be quite devastating. Stuff happens - your boss will recover. Be gentle with yourself.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your adventurous life. I thought things were going tough here, with the furnace working at less than 100% and temps dropping not only below freezing but below zero and highs in the single digits. Turns out to be a blessing as my refrigerator blew up (not died quietly) and I need to store food outside. Add to that my only vehicle showing that very bright check engine light.
Compared to others I feel I am doing not so bad, just inconvenienced.
If you have the type of boss who can't be sympathetic over family emergencies, tragedies and sorrow, there had best be other good reasons not to look for a more suitable way to make money.
Life is short.
Wishing you better times in the new year