Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lost & Found ~ Helping Lost Pets

I posted about this back in November and I just wanted to remind everyone that this resource is out there. Helping Lost Pets is a website that allows you to access a database of all the lost / found / stolen animals.

We have dozens of organizations that accept animals from Rescues and SPCAs to Veterinary Clinics, Doggie Daycares and even People's Homes.

We do NOT have a centralized database that can help you connect all these animals. Thousands of animals slip through the cracks.

Helping Lost Pets is a FREE service that can offer the centralization we have been lacking. It offers a location where you can list lost/found animals.


Kristine said...

Thank you for posting about this again. It looks like a great website and I really hope word spreads about it. Something like this is definitely useful in scary times like those. The easier it is to connect lost pets back with their families, the better.

Unknown said...

thanks for posting it again to remind us. this website can prove really helpful for the parents of lost child.Platinum Canine Suppliments

GoLightly said...

arrrgh, I got an error message! drat!
found, brown tabby striped DSH, Male Neutered, I think, declawed, emaciated, litter-trained..
warden & Eglinton area of Scarborough, Ontario.. He appeared in October, he's joined the feral cat colony.