Friday, January 28, 2011

Pupdates at the Shelter ~ Gracie

Well it's been a few days since my last Pupdates post. We've had quite a bit happen in the last 2 weeks ... We still have Traveller, Penny, Ralph and Gracie but now we also have Charlie and Alice. Both Charlie and Alice are owner surrenders and they are both stressed at being in a shelter environment. Neither have been spayed / neutered so this will have to be done before we can adopt them out. Today's Pupdate features Gracie.


Gracie came in on December 31st lactating like crazy. The poor gal had puppies out there somewhere! Unfortunately, the owners never came looking. Not even a phone call. This poor gal was beside herself with worry. She broke one of the kennel doors trying to get out to her puppies. Poor baby. Anyway, she's dried up now but it has been quite a trial to get her there.

Any guesses for her breed?? She's got a pretty long barrel and the pic's not blurry - she's got wire hair!

Gracie comes with a few surprises ... she not only knows "sit" but she also knows "heel" and "finish"!! Someone loved her at one point. She was someone's pet once.

They all were ...


GoLightly said...

Poor Gracie, how could anyone do that to a dog. Great owners.. NoT.

Corgi/wire-haired dachsie?

Good luck to them!

Pet Sitting Los Angeles said...

So sad about Gracie these kind of owner's act not good for any pet but now i am happy for Gracie...

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

could be corgi/doxie ... but she's real big for it ... I'm weighing her this afternoon but I'd guess her weight to be at least 30 lbs.