Monday, February 7, 2011

DDF PSA ~ Pilots N Paws

I had meant to feature this back in September when I happened across the site info but I got sidetracked (go figure, eh?). Anyway, please forgive me if I've already done this - I did run a search through my previous posts but couldn't find anything.

I want to bring you attention to Pilots N Paws.

Many times, there are areas where there are a LOT of animals being euthanized in local pounds/shelters due to overpopulation, but then in other areas there are none. A great example of this would be in Ontario, where there are not that many dogs and certain shelters are actually shipping them in from Quebec (where a large number of animals are being killed).

So, a dedicated group of pilots saw this as a potential way to save animals and they have gotten together to develop a successful rescue effort. The Pilots N Paws organize air-transport for shelter animals. The shelters on either end have to make all the arrangements but Pilots N Paws are the people who are actually doing the transport!

Check it out! Pass it on! Spread the word!


GoLightly said...

Gee, wonder why they are shipping excess dogs from Quebec? Hmmm.
I will not say anything, to be politically correct.
Ah, screw it. Lots of puppy mills in Quebec, and many are here too, somewhere. Animals aren't being surrendered at as high a rate, maybe, in Ontario? I doubt our surrender/neglect/abuse/abandon rate is any lower, but that would be nice.
But I doubt it.
grumpy broad out..

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Many here, but not so many as in Quebec ... or perhaps the ones here are not operating on such a large scale.

I don't know about Ontario's rates but I do know that many shelters sit empty. (If you have a chance one day, pop into Brampton Animal Services. They are often less than half full - they pull animals from kill shelters in the area since the rate of animals that are not reclaimed is so low and their amount of adoptions are so high)

Could it have something to do with a high adoption rate in Ontario??

In my area, we will begin pulling dogs from a third township in the next month or two because our adoption rate is higher than our intake rate we have currently. Of course, there are ALWAYS the ones who stay with us long-term ... but otherwise, we usually can move them all.

OldMorgans said...

Pilots N Paws is a really good group. The woman who helped start it has Morgan horses, which is how I know her. When it started many years back, I doubt that any of us forsaw how it would grow.