Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pupdates at the Shelter ~ Ralph

We currently have Penny, Ralph, Gracie and Charlie at the shelter. We had hoped that Charlie would be adopted this weekend but it fell through. Today I will tell you a little about Ralph ...


Ralph is 12 years old ... he will be 13 on October 30, 2011. How do I know this so exactly? Well you see, Ralph was picked up by canine control in December. He was scanned for a microchip and one was found. After a long and frustrating search (three phone numbers later!), his owners were found but they did not want him back. We learned a bit about him from his previous owners ... he's only ever been with one family (lucky dog!), the date he was born.

You know, he's a great dog and anyone would be happy to have him ... except perhaps his old owners. Funny how that happens when you get old, eh?

Ralph is the nicest old man I've met in a while. Most German Shepherd Dogs I've met get cranky when they start to age and ache but for some reason, Ralph is not! He seems to always be in a good mood, though some days he has more trouble walking than others. Ralph walks with a hitch in his step. Sometimes he falls down because he loses his balance or he's trying to run and move too quickly. He just gets right back up and continues with whatever he was doing - it doesn't seem to bother him at all.

Ralph is on Metacam to manage any pain he is experiencing and he has decided that since he feels better, he should move faster (which is not good since his balance is so terrible!) Ralph's new home will need to continue administering Metacam daily.

Hopefully his new home comes along soon ... he's been with us a long time for an old guy! I'm sure he'd prefer a nice warm house (with no stairs) over the shelter's cold concrete floors (ok, he's being spoiled at the shelter ... he has 3 different beds and a special room to himself but that's beside the point!). Cross your fingers for this guy. He may need all the help he can get.


Cyndi and Stumpy said...

ARGH! People make me sick!

I hope Ralph finds a great home where he can be loved the way he deserves. What a handsome old man!

GoLightly said...

Poor old guy. Nice owners. EW, he's OLD.


Ralph sounds like he's creaking along pretty well, but his balance worries me a bit. Our old GSD Sam never gave up thinking he was the toughest dog in the world, which he was, until the DSM finally incapacitated him.

Unknown said...

Awww, what a cutie! I'm crossing my fingers, and all ten toes that he finds a warm home soon. And I hope Ralph is taking his supplements. You can get it at this website I frequent http://www.naturalk9supplies.com/

Nona said...

Poor Ralph! I hope he can find a nice family to live out the rest of his life with.

Unknown said...

Poor little guy- we have 5 dogs, 2 of whom are in the double digits and I can't imagine letting them go for any reason before their time.
Hope he finds a great new family to love him soon.

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