Monday, July 25, 2011

Pupdates ~ Others From our "pull" day

I figure I should post real quickly what other dogs we pulled from the shelter. One of them has already been adopted and I think another is going today! Yikes! Here goes ... the black is info about the dogs, the red is my info/thoughts popped in.

Jenny: 2 year old Mastiff mix. Female. Super friendly. Big (72 lbs) goofball. Mastiff rescue wouldn't respond to the requests sent about this dog for placement. She passed all her required tests and still didn't get scooped up! I have 2 different volunteers who are considering her for adoption, though "considering" is the key-word. I'll update this in another few weeks once she's been spayed and is actually listed for adoption!

Charlie: 12 week old. Male. Sheltie / Collie cross. He was surrendered to the animal control because he was biting the children ... hello? Is anybody in there?? HE'S A PUPPY!! You have to teach them not to nip dumbass! ... he had to be quarantined for 10 days as is policy. Charlie has already been adopted!

Riley: 5 years old. Neutered Male. Owner surrender due to an unfortunate incident in which the foster-kitten came too close to Riley's food bowl ... I'd have a pretty nasty reaction if someone came close to my food bowl too; "Joey doesn't share food!" (can you place this quote?) ...  Super friendly ... just like you would expect a Golden to be! ... No cats. Gets along great with other dogs. Housetrained. Potential adopter to let us know decision today about wether or not they are adopting Riley.

Heidi: 2 year old. Female. Looks to be a German Pinscher cross. Head shape VERY similar as seen from profile angle. She was pulled by the SPCA but was returned right away as she was "too hyper" for them ... ok. she's NOT that hyper!! In fact, she is less active than most of the Beagles we've had go through the shelter in the last 6 months!! ... SPCA returns reportedly do not have a great chance for being pulled. Housetrained.

Pip: 1 year old. Pug/JRT cross. Male. Super friendly with both people and other dogs. Busy guy with lots of energy (yep, more than Heidi above!). Housetrained.


For the dogs who are not altered, they will be going for their surgeries this week. We may list them next week if all goes well. Cross your fingers for them!

My hope is that we will create a good working relationship with this facility and will continue to pull dogs out of there on a regular basis. That is my plan for this anyway. Hopefully I don't walk away with litters of puppies each time I visit ...


GoLightly said...

"hello? Is anybody in there?? HE'S A PUPPY!! You have to teach them not to nip dumbass!"

thanks for the laugh, how stupid are people with puppies, anyway. OH NO, he's BITING!! Uh, no, he's a puppy, they mouth/nip/taste/chew/eat EVERYTHING!

Good luck to them all, and thanks for being there.

Ruth said...

When I saw the picture of Charlie I was like "OOOOHHHHH I WANT HIM!!!!!" Good point about the biting, some people just don't have any sense. That's what people like Cesar Milan are for. :-) (I LOVE Dog Whisperer!)

World of Animals, Inc said...

They are all just so cute. We hope they find wonderful forever homes with some really pawsome families. Charlie is so adorable in the photo. Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a wonderful upcoming weekend.
World of Animals