Thursday, February 26, 2009

Asshat Rant - Hoarding

I'm not going to get into too many details about why hoarding is bad - I'm sure you all already know why it's not good. I did want to comment a bit about it though. These hoarders don't start out planning to be Asshats, it's a step by step growing process they develop into.

It's not like most people get a new house and think "Great! Now I can pack it full of so many animals that I won't be able to afford, some will die, they will all get sick and then I can go to jail" That's just not how it happens (most of the time - there are some whack-jobs out there).

Usually what happens is they find an animal that needs a home and they think they're saving it by taking it home. Maybe they did. But then they find another and another and another. After a slow process of accumulation, they finally end up with too many pets and nowhere to go.

Step 1 is where it starts:
Maggy West who had 21 dogs and 3 horses seized. Now it is their own pets that need to be saved. This one let the situation get out of control

Step 2 is where it proceeds:
Unnamed woman had 22 dogs crammed in station wagon. SPCA contacted Adult Protection Services ... that means either she forgot to take her meds or she's got someone after her.

Step 3 is where it ends up:
Here is a case where the accused, Richard Anthony Delfeld, Jr., is alleged (why not charged?!) with animal cruelty for not providing adequate food and water for 185 animals (75 which were dead when investigators arrived). This guy was also arrested for not providing adequate care to a disabled person. Asshat.

Hoarding is wrong but not inherently evil. The people don't start out trying to be asshats. If you can't afford the animals you have, than you shouldn't have them. It's that simple. I've heard of a fair number of "rescues" ending up this way.

That being said, if you have too many animals and can't afford food, medical, grooming and other basic needs than you you should look into finding new homes for some of them. No excuses. If you don't, you're an Asshat.


Nicely dun said...

Its so true.
I have two cats, a hamster and a horse. I was always a "pet crazy kid" and while i'd love to get another cat, it just wouldn't be fair to the two I've got already.
I saw an adorable four month old kitty up for adoption and thought it would be so nice to be able to adopt her, but really, I don't need another cat.
If I could help all the animals in the world I would, but really, I cant!

Splash said...

Sometimes I see dogs or cats and think "that dog would be so much happier living at my house". But you can't take care of them all. Three is about my limit for dogs, although at one point I had six Labs! That was fun - the dinner table resembled a shark feeding frenzy!

I make sure each dog has their own "thing" and we have individual time every day. Puppies like little Ki get individual time three times a day. You just cannot do that and have more than a few dogs.

Lynda said...

Great rant!

We have 4 dogs, 3 cats and a parrot. That's our limit for sure, lol! But hubby stays home and spends all his time with him and I'm proud to say they are all very well balanced. And healthy and clean!

I get to go to work, but enjoy the fruits of his labour with tired dogs cuddling with me every evening.

Noah the Airedale said...

Oh my god those stories are awful. What is wrong with people?? There are four of us dogs living with our pinkies and they know it's time to stop. Well D does. I think B thinks he could handle one more dale.....Its not going to happen!!!


RedDeerSeeker said...

I can unfortunately see how this can happen. I truely beleive it is a mental illness, sort of like an addiction. I think deep down I could be an animal hoarder....I just have to much common sense, and control. However, every time I see an unwanted animal, I need to literally tell myself to focus on the three pets I have. In the past I have had more pets than I needed, and it was stressful and lots of work. Now, myself and my family, just afirm to ourselves that we have enough.

Oh, and it helps to avoid pet stores, auctions, rescues, etc.

GoLightly said...

What eleanor rigby said:)

So sad, all the way around..

Anonymous said...

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