Monday, February 16, 2009

Asshat Rants and Advertising Etiquette

Lets talk today a little bit about advertising etiquette. All the time, I see ads for dogs by people who seem ... well, like asshats. They may not be, but thanks to their poor advertising etiquette, they create an image of themselves to be true and utter asshats. This ad was posted to CL and I would like to use it as my example to prove this theory.
Problem Statement: Owners advertising their dogs sometimes show that they are Asshats because they can't be bothered to type out a proper ad for their animals. Laziness proves nothing short of showing people you're an asshat.
Number one: ask for a re-homing fee. By posting a dog for free, you are only opening up the door to hoarders, collectors and brokers. Your dog may be picked up by one of these and unless you want your precious FiFi to be in a research project, ask for a fee. When you ask for a fee, the chances are still present, but they are lessened. Hey, maybe you're just another asshat looking to get rid of the dog as fast as possible and don't care where it ends up?? You did post that you want him to go to a "very good home", but you certainly aren't attracting one. Asshat.
Number two: it would be great if you could type in both upper and lower cases. By typing all in CAPS, it does not show the potential "buyers" that you really need to find your dog a home (which I can only assume is what you were trying to portray), but in fact it actually shows that you are an uneducated loudmouth who thinks he is above all others. Asshat.
Number three: What the hell does a "MINNI GERMAN SHEPPARD/ROTTI" look like?!?! You mean it's not as big as you'd hoped it would be? Most GSDs I know sit around 65-70 lbs (unless of course it's way overweight/fat), and most Rottweilers I've met sit around 75-85 lbs (for a healthy weight). There are, of course, always exceptions (I hate people who overfeed so their dog is heavier than it should be! With a few exceptions, most dogs should have an hour glass shape). What were you expecting? Research the breed before buying. Asshat.
Number four: Learn how to use spell check. There is a neat utility that you can download for free that spell checks in IE and/or Mozilla. If you don't want to download this, please type your ad in MS Word or some other program that does have a spell check utility built in and use it! I can't explain how irritating it is to read a post with no apostrophe's and shortened words such as "U" (instead of "you"). It only confirms our initial reaction ... you are an asshat. If you are unsure whether or not you really are an asshat, please refer to points One, Two and Three.
You are an asshat. I hope your dog doesn't end up somewhere terrible because you can't be bothered to use some common sense and etiquette. People should be required to have licenses to own dogs.


GoLightly said...

Gooood Grief.

People should have to get licenses to prove that they are people, first, even.
Remember 28 days with Sandra Bullock?
No, well anyway, people should have to own plants, before animals.
Closer in intelligence, waaay easier to um, FEED.
Try growing a tomato first, or something..
Bloody vegetables..


I pah on those asshats..
great post.

OldMorgans said...

Good post. Sadly, the people who need to read it and learn won't be reading it.
What is it about Craig's List that gets the un-learned and illiterate? Do they have a clue as to how badly they appear? No, they do not. A while back on my local Craig's there was a gal who murdered the English language and was called out on it on the list. Her reply was that the animals did not care that she could not spell so spelling and grammar and punctuation and proper use of capital letters did not matter. She got defensive and refused to see sense. I don't think anyone hired her as I recently saw an ad on Craig's with the same mistakes.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Good analogy GoLightly ... I did see 28 days and you're right - let's have them keep a plant and if they can remember to feed it and keep it alive for a year than they could apply for an animal license. :)

OldMorgans - I don't think they understand at all. Perhaps they think we're too "picky" for needing to have proper spelling? Was she looking for a job?

Anonymous said...

I think you are so caught up in this very worthy, wonderful cause of helping rescue animals that you can't be objective. You make a judgement on a person for which you no nothing about. I learned from your post, but I would have taken you more seriously had it been more positive. If you could take a step back from your passion, you could possibly see that the owner does want to do right by is dog. You could respond to his posting by teaching him some good ways to post. Every one that needs to find a new home for a pet isn't bad. I have never had to do that myself, but I now several people who have and it was and agonizing experience for them. Give the person that posted this the benefit of the doubt and help them or if you can't get past your judgement of them at least try to be positive and helpful for the benefit of the dog.

I wish you all the best in this great and worthy cause you feel so passionate about.


Rebecca said...

"Every one that needs to find a new home for a pet isn't bad. I have never had to do that myself, but I now several people who have and it was and agonizing experience for them."

Bet it is a lot more agonizing for the pet.

No, not /everyone/ who needs to find a new home for a pet is bad. But the huge majority of them are. Or maybe not "bad", but irresponsible. It is amazing how many people will decide to toss their sweet 7 year old lab because they are having a baby. Or they can't take their maltese because they are moving and I guess it won't fit in the car. My parents "found a new home" for my our two childhood cocker spaniels when I was 8 or so. They said we were moving and couldn't take them with us, though we bought a new cocker spaniel less than 6 months after we moved. It was totally irresponsible, and I still get upset when I think about it. At least in their case the dogs went to a friend of the family we've just lost contact with over the years rather than dumped in a shelter for tearing up a shoe.

I can't speak for others, but when you work with rescue for any decent amount of time you've seen all the excuses a thousand times. You've seen the people who say they just want what is best for their dog, but then threaten to dump it at the local animal control that euth's after 5 days if the rescue doesn't take it NOW.

Or the people who maybe don't know that they are promising their dogs death when they turn them in with the excuse that they "are aggressive". They say that so they don't look as bad for dumping a dog because they decided they don't want it anymore. 'Course, the animal in question will be a rambunctious 6 month old golden retriever that doesn't have an aggressive bone in their body, but must be euthed because the shelter can't take on the liability. It happens far too often here.

People on the whole tend to be irresponsible jerks. I still try to give them the benefit of the doubt, but eventually you get jaded.

That reminds me, we had a woman show up at an adopt-a-thon with a guinea pig in a box. She wanted to surrender him to animal control, but didn't feel like driving all the way (maybe an 8 minute drive). Her excuse was that she bought the guinea pig for her kids, but that they "abused it". She said they would swing it around and leave it out in the yard or loose in the house, etc. It was absolutely insane. How about you try PARENTING your kids rather than letting them abuse a pet then dumping it? Not like she had such a huge brood that she couldn't (two kids, boy and girl, under 10 over 5ish). Not really anything to do with the topic at hand, but geez, it was awful. Thankfully, one of the fosters that was present has a soft spot for guinea pigs so he had a home by the end of the hour.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Thank you Rebecca for posting your thoughts on this. From the view of one of the volunteers who end up working those tables at events and have people dumping animals at your feet - I agree with you. I've had all sorts dumped during events ... cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc ... and all we're doing is running a BBQ or some fundraiser.

Anon/Sanford - I didn't say that every person who needs to get rid of their dog is a bad person, however I do suggest that there are many better ways to advertise your "loved one" that would result in good homes coming forward. That was the point of this posting ... note that it was "Asshat Rants and Advertising Etiquette" not "Everyone Who Gets Rid of Their Dog is a Jerk". If I were posting about that, I'd have to put up hundreds of new ads a day. I think Blogger has a limit on size ...

Yes, I am passionate about things I believe in. Why? I see many people euthanize their animals every day because they can't be bothered dealing with it (not to mention the ones that drown them or starve them or shoot them or dump them) ... there are many who call the rescue group and if the rescue can't put together a foster home IMMEDIATELY than the dog/cat is Euthanized.

Do you see where the frustration comes in? Most of the people who decide to get rid of their dog/cat/small-critter believe they can't keep it even for a few days while we find a spot to put it - "it's too hard to keep him around for a few days". Right. That, my friends, is what I call "Selfish".

Anonymous said...

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