Wednesday, February 25, 2009

News Reel - Puppy Mill Dogs Available

Sorry to put up so many News Reels so close together, but I wanted to post this article. It's a bit of good news and sometimes it is really nice to pass on some happy stuff.

In December a puppy miller in Meaford, ON was charged with animal cruelty, the dogs seized and the mill shut down. There were a total of 100 dogs - all were in poor condition, some pregnant, and some with young pups. The dogs were Bichons, Lhasa Apso's, Pekingese, and Papillions.

The dogs have been kept at shelters in Ontario until they were deemed property of the OSPCA (don't forget that just because an animal has been seized, that doesn't mean that the owner is puppy-poop ... that person is still the 'owner' who may be finacially responsible for paying for all the bills accrued during the dogs' stay at the shelter including grooming, vetting, food and board).

Starting today the three shelters that have these dogs will be accepting adoption applications. Here is the article that details this event in the Kitcher-Waterloo Humane Society. The other two locations are the Newmarket/North York OSPCA and Lincoln County Humane Society.

As of today these little guys have a new lease on life, new hopes and new directions. I hope they do well ...

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ladykat said...

We've had a couple of major puppy mill raids in Western Washington. The mills were owned by a woman and her parents. Six hundred dogs were seized. According to a coworker of mine who rescues Burmese Mountain dogs, lax enforcement in the counties involved (Skagit and Snohomish) make them havens for puppy mills.

Here's an article in the Seattle Times we posted a few days ago about the whole mess.

And here's a website for a group involved with helping the dogs out.

I remember puppy mills being the cause of the day in Seattle about 10 years ago when an awful puppy mill was shut down in Eastern WA. But nothing has really changed in all that time.