Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Featured Rescue - Gator the Yellow Labrador Retriever

I have found that there are more Labrador Retriever dogs out there looking for homes than any other breed. Good Grief! There are over 20,000 Labradors looking for homes right now on Petfinder. (And people think I'm cruel when I suggest an abortive spay for an "oops, we didn't know she could get pregnant")

Today's featured rescue is Gator. He is 3 years old and reportedly quite gentle. His owner surrendered him because of an upcoming surgery. Gator is at Thumb Animal Shelter in Elkton, MI.


shane rocket said...

because the toolbag will not get released from the hospital? WTF?

Anonymous said...

Aw, what a cutie. He looks like everything a lab should be.

I'm with you on aborting animal 'oops' pregnancies. I'm staunchly pro-life when it comes to humans, but I don't think the fetus suffers in an early abortion - which makes it okay for animals in my book. It's not ideal, but it's better than inflicting more unwanted animals on the world.

GoLightly said...

There was a pro-life "protest" in my sleepy little town, one recent Sunday. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was cold, and raining. There were kids out there with no sweaters or umbrellas. Little kids.

Kinda surreal.
Sadly, this planet hasn't figured out the sustainability issue yet.
It most certainly applies to humans as well.

Gator is gorgeous. Poor homeless, sweet lad. Another cast-off in someone's thoughtless life.

Dogzplanet said...

Poor thing... He's so adorable, though! Wow, 20,000 is a gigantic number of homeless dogs.. It's so sad :(