Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Shelter Pet Project PSA

Well I've never Embedded a video into my blog before so here's hoping this works ... I would like to share with you all a YouTube video from The Shelter Pet Project. I hope you all enjoy it. I did.

Take some time over this upcoming Howliday Season and volunteer with your local shelter or rescue. They need help, and at this time of year, their normal volunteers may be too busy with family commitments to come and give their normal time.


Unknown said...

Yes, it worked :) A great video! And I got almost all of my dogs as rescue dogs...


GoLightly said...

To The Homeless.
May they be warm and well-cared for, wherever they may be.

Calsidyrose said...

Yes, folks, your local Shelter can use your help during the holidays. Many Shelters have "Home for the Holidays" programs where you can foster a dog or cat for a short time--through January 1st or so. This is great for the animals, and makes life easier at the Shelter, since Holiday schedules & employee vacations contribute to staffing issues.

Quilt Works said...

A great video! I enjoyed visiting your blog, as I am a dog lover too.

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