Monday, December 21, 2009

Featured Rescue - Sampson the Affenpinscher

Today's featured rescue is inspired by the recent Guess The Breed post. Sampson is an 8 month old Affenpinscher. He was removed from a puppy mill (DDF IN ... not sure of the circumstances on that one). He's a cute little guy, don't you think?
The rescue Sampson is staying with does have a specific limit on where they will adopt to (which is unfortunate). Their cachement area is "OHIO, KENTUCKY, AND INDIANA. WE WILL ALSO CONSIDER CERTAIN AREAS OF MICHIGAN, WEST VIRGINIA, AND PENNSYLVANIA." If you are in any of these areas and are looking for an Affenpinscher, take a look at Sampson.


GoLightly said...

awww, he looks like a torrmented Toto, from the Wizard of Oz.

Cute dog, good luck, Sampson!

I HAVE to make some spay/neuter stickers..

GoLightly said...

tormented, even.
dang fingers..

Jaya said...

Yes, he does look like Toto. What a cutie pie!!