Monday, December 14, 2009

Featured Rescue - Juliet the German Shepherd Dog

Today's Featured Rescue is Juliet. She is a German Shepherd Dog. She is estimated to be 10 - 12 months old, is very shy and has not had good experiences with other dogs (her time at the shelter was not very good).
Juliet is located in Fairport, NY with BrightStar German Shepherd Rescue.


GoLightly said...

Poor creature.

Good luck, Juliet!

I hope she finds a calm smart owner. Shy Shepherds are tough dogs to re-train.
They are SO smart..

Her ears are adorable..

*Amber* aka Suzy SINsation said...

SO cute! Poor girl needs some love. I like your CL cross-post - even though one of my dogs does sleep in the bed, and they're all free-roam in the house (now that my lab/wolfhound has ceased chewing on my coffee table).

Jaya said...

Ooooo, she's a real beauty. I sure hope she finds a happy, loving forever home.

Unknown said...

Juliet looks quiet weak as per her age....may be she is missing her owner parents.
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