Sunday, January 17, 2010

Featured Rescue - the Australian Shepherd

In honour of all those poor dogs who were living in squalor (the ones mentioned in Friday's News Reel), I decided to post an Australian Shepherd today for the Featured Rescue. This is Sherlock. He is an adult male Aussie. He likes other dogs but doesn't get along so well with cats. Not sure where the name came from ... the shelter didn't list that in the Petfinder ad. Sherlock is located in Olean, NY.


Melissa said...

The picture looks like he's missing fur beneath his nose, and the skin looks pretty irritated. I know very little about skin conditions in dogs - do you know what that is? Is it anything to be concerned about, or do some dogs just lose hair there?

Quite the cutie otherwise. Hope he finds a good place!

Unknown said...

He's wonderful. I hope he finds a home soon! So glad these animals were rescued!

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Melissa ... you're right - it does look irritated. I know that minor food allergies will present themselves in the form of an itchy face ... but it could be a few different things. Sometimes simply changing the diet will resolve this (unless there is some major underlying issue).