Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Featured Rescue - Sophia the Dalmation

Today is the first Featured Rescue post of the New Year! Yikes! I would like to post more of these this year ...

Today's feature is a 12 year old female Dalmation named Sophia. It makes me sad when I see these older animals looking for new homes ... I always wonder how they ended up there? Anyway, Sophia sounds like a nice lady who is starting to show her age. She reportedly gets along well with the other dogs in the house, however the rescue has listed her with a "no kids" clause. Sometimes this is done with senior animals because children can tend to play too roughly with new animals ... the rescue can't KNOW that your kid is "different", just as you can't tell that if your kid accidentally fell on the dog, the older arthritic dog wouldn't snap at the kid out of surprise/pain. Often this sort of clause is for the safety of both the dog/cat and the children. If you're looking to add a senior dog to your house, consider Sophia. She is currently in foster with Second Chances Dalmatian Rescue & Sanctuary in Ortonville, MI.


Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Dang! Sophia is beautiful.

I don't know how older dogs end up needing homes. How the heck do you just turn your back on someone that's dedicated it's life to you? Of course, I couldn't do it to a dog/family member that had only just arrived either.

Good Luck, Sophia!

GoLightly said...
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Viatecio said...

The only situations that I can think where a dog might be turned in to a rescue with little remorse (although people ALWAYS end up proving me wrong and being general asshats toward animals anyway) is in a case of inheritance or if an owner dies and the pet has no one to go to.

Not trying to justify or say that it's right, but I agree...the poor pet is in it's golden years, and this is how the jerk thanks it for its years of love, devotion and occasional shredded toy? Just nice.

And about the 'No kids' thing, I do understand why they put those on for certain pets. 'No cat' or 'No dogs' is a little bit more iffy...I've known some serious dog-aggressive dogs who went to live with trainers and learned to play nice in the sandbox pretty quickly. But for the average pet owner, I think those labels are well-respected. I know I come with a 'No kids' tag attached for the same reason!

Marg said...

I hope Sophia does find a good home. It is so sad when older animals have to find new homes. She is a pretty dog.