Friday, January 8, 2010

Featured Rescue - Ben the Border Collie mix

Ok, ok ... Today's Featured Rescue is a bit different and I'll explain why. Someone asked how come I never feature Canadian dogs because a lot of the dogs I post are from the USA. You know what? This is a GREAT question. I'm sorry she deleted the comment. It is very true and there are a few reasons to my answer.

First, I run a search on Petfinder based on breed and I usually try to find a dog who looks close to the breed they list it under. I generally look for dogs with special needs to feature but more often than not, I see a dog I can't avoid posting. Something compels me to post that one. Since Petfinder runs a search based on location and breed, the dogs are all listed by how far away they are from Ontario. In most cases, the northern states just have more of those particular dogs I'm searching.

Second, the OSPCA uses a new hosting program called "Petango". I generally run all my searches from Petfinder. Because of the OSPCA listing dogs on Petango and NOT Petfinder, Ontario has very few dogs listed by breed category in Ontario. I don't like the way Petango works - I used it when I was searching for my Cattle Dog and I'm sure many dogs were skipped over thanks to it. It's not user friendly if you are looking for a particular breed with no concern regarding location.
Third, there are many groups and organizations in Canada that don't use either Petango or Petfinder. I'm lazy and have only done searches through Petfinder. I will try to use Petango more often (much as I don't like its layout) and will post the occasional dog listed only on rescue/shelter sites.

For those who, like me, are in Canada I will try to post Canadian dogs more often. Take some time to check out Petango. Who knows, maybe you'll like it?

Today's Featured Rescue is Ben the Border Collie / Labrador mix. He is estimated to be between 10 and 12 years old. He is a nice quiet old guy who enjoys the company of people. He is housetrained and enjoys cuddling. He is located in Newmarket, ON at the York Region Branch of the OSPCA.


Grampy said...

Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. We got our Claudia from a Rescue in Tenn. We said we were going to go local. My wife was fooling around and found her by mistake. She fell in love with her photo. End of story.She is here and we love her.

GoLightly said...

OH, I deleted it, because I thought I'd already asked it before. Did not want to annoy:)

I have to go visit the OSPCA today on work-related business, I'll cuddle/commiserate with poor old Ben.
I only wish I had the space and the time to take them all.

Thanks, DDF!

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Grampy ...

Good for you for adopting from a rescue! I think we usually find the right dog in the last place we intend to look.

GoLightly ...

I don't think you've mentioned it before. An excellent question. I try to post Canadaian dogs as often as American ones but you've seen the result. There are a few I've found, but not many. You didn't annoy at all. I will try to post some from both countries.