Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Black Dog Monday ... er ... Tuesday

I didn't post our Black Dog yesterday because of that news reel ... here it is:

Today's Black Dog is Xena (click for Petfinder link). She is 5 1/2 months old and is listed as an Australian Kelpie / German Shepherd Dog mix with Buffalo Humane. What a cutie! She is beginning to nip at the feet of people when she gets excited and will need a home who is willing to take her to Obedience Classes.

Everything in this ad was going really well until I read through it in its entirety ... I really don't like this comment that was near the bottom and I'm sure they didn't mean it the way it came out BUT COME ON! You TOTALLY have to have people edit things before publishing because the following quote was not worded well: "would benefit from having a canine companion to play with as an outlet for her herding tendencies" Otherwise, a good ad; if informative but a little wordy.

I couldn't resist posting two pictures of this one because she's so photogenic ... A good picture is SO important for adoptable animals!! Isn't this one cute?

1 comment:

GoLightly said...

Ooooh, how adorable.
You know why I love this type.

She has an Einstein expression.
Hope her new lucky owners are as smart as she is!