Friday, February 19, 2010

Featured Rescue - Frank the Beagle

I had a dog named Frank when I was small so I have a soft spot for any dogs in shelters by that name. Hence today's featured rescue - Frank. The first thing I noticed on this guy was his hound-ears. I love them; so soft and floppy. The second thing I noticed is his pink collar. I wonder if potential adopters will notice? I wonder if that is the sort of thing that would speed up or slow down an adoption??
Don't forget that even little things like a collar colour will affect the speed at which a dog is adopted!!
Anyway, this guy is located at Georgina Animal Control and Adoption Centre in Keswick, ON. He came in as a stray (big surprise there) on February 2 and is now waiting for his new forever home to come pick him.


GoLightly said...

aaaw, Frank.

Good luck!

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous. handsome Beagle! I LOVE Beagles and hounds. They can drive one crazy w/their baying and squawling but it has its purpose - or should. They can also be very independent as they follow their noses which contain half or more of their brains! But what great cuddlers and lovers of comfort - and for "hunting dogs," they sure can be wimps - "oh, it's raining! Can't get my paws wet!" HA. Love them. God speed to a very good home, Frank.

Paula said...

He's a cutie! Someone please adopt him soon!

Thanks for joining BC Bloggers. Pls. wait for my email tomorrow.
WAHM sa Pinas

sandy said...

Darling picture, the pink collar is spify.

Hope he finds a good home.


Think With Your Taste Buds - Chicken said...

I could never make it working in a pound or shelter. I would end up with all of them. Animals are wonderful.