Thursday, April 15, 2010

News Reel - Bandit Euthanized; Rambo and Brittany update

In 2003, a dog named Bandit mauled a young boy. The boy was the grandson of Bandit's owner. He went to live at Toronto Humane Society along with many other animals. Bandit has been the source of many controversial discussions in recent years since a Judge ordered him destroyed after the 2003 mauling that left the young boy requiring 250 stitches. On Wednesday, Bandit was euthanized. If you are interested in reading the entire story, see the article at the Toronto Star Notorious pit bull Bandit put to death

There is an interesting sidebar on this story and that is an update about Rambo and Brittany. (Read previous blog posts Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3.) If you scroll down the page, you will find the following headline on the left "VET TO RULE IF DOGS ARE PIT BULLS". The City of Brampton is now having an "independent veterinarian" come in to decide if these dogs are "illegals" or not. The article states "If the report determines the dogs are pit bulls, Branco and Gaspar will have a short period of time to find a home for them outside the province. If the report is inconclusive or finds they are not pit bulls, the owners will get their dogs back. "


GoLightly said...

Well, you know I had a big fight about Bandit with Tim, back in 2003, that's when I withdrew my support. I'm glad Bandit was euthed, about time.
I don't BLAME Bandit, but he wasn't exactly the best poster child old Tim ever chose.

But this??
" If the report is inconclusive or finds they are not pit bulls, the owners will get their dogs back. ""

Those dogs are not a danger to ANYone, and THEY have to leave the province, IF they are Pits??
Good grief, the laws of Brampton make me never EVER want to go there.
Utter absolute nonsense.
Move from Brampton, people!

Melissa said...

That's odd that Bandit's owner wanted the dog put down, but the humane society refused. When the dog caused 250 stitches worth of injury, it's not exactly a model case to fight the euthanasia battle.

mytwh said...

The dog in the picture with the woman looks like a Boxer to me. Poor dogs, and poor families, I would be devasted if someone took my dogs.

I just came across this article about a dog that attacked and killed another dog. The comments are actually very interesting:

In the comments were references to this site: I'd never seen this site before. Very interesting.

mytwh said...

Sorry, it's
Guess I shouldn't be surprised by it, but I am...

josie said...

2003-2010 that's a long battle.

GoLightly said...


They sure can, and do.

mytwh said...

I was thinking about this more last night. I think people have a facination, or obsession, or fixation (not sure the right word) with "pitbulls". I can't tell you how many times in 5 years people have asked me if Ziggy is a "pitbull"...he's a 25 pound Beagle/Boston Terrier mix! I don't think he resembles a "pitbull" at all, but that's just me. I use quotes on the word pitbull because it seems no one can define what a "pitbull" actually is.

GoLightly said...

I think their history fascinates the "blood lust" of our old days.

They were indeed bred to be killers, and were designed very well for it.

It's up to Dog OWNERs.

My dogs look like a mix of them all. Dobes, Rotts, Pits, Shepherds. I can't believe, in this day and age, that an appearance of "looking like a pit", can allow the dog to be judged, instantly.

No, I wouldn't own one.
And I do have an innate fear of them, part of my history with dogs I've known.

But it isn't the dog that truly scares me.
It's the people.

mytwh said...

I actually owned a "pitbull" for a short while. I gave him to my brother when my brothers' pit died. Without getting into the whole thing - I gave him up because my brother adored him, but also because this pit had major seperation anxiety and my brother is home a lot more than we are. It just worked out for the best for the dog.

That said, I will never own a PB again, for many reasons, the least of which was aggression-this dog is a pussycat-although I know a lot aren't. I've heard stories about how needy and completely reliant this breed is on their people, and that explains this dog perfectly. He was so needy and Zig is so NOT needy, it frankly drove me insane. He was always under foot, in the bathroom with you, tearing out molding if he wasn't crated when you left (or jumping out windows or eating the door to the basement), always slinking around after us (we'd try to make him go lie down and be in a room without us and it was like you were torturing him). I'm sure part of it was his life before us, but I just couldn't take it. I like the independent sort.

Like some people like the breed characteristics of Greyhounds or Pugs, I did not like the characteristics of PB's from what I saw and read and that is why I won't own one again. I prefer my small little mutt mixes, that are more athletic, but that's just me. I should have done more research into PB's before I got him, because he wasn't the dog for us, but you live and learn.

Sasha said...

In picture women have really cute dog, I also have same one.

dog clickers said...

Sad story, I hate when dogs are put to death for these things. No one ever knows if the animal was picked on or scared.

Anonymous said...

ilove doges too thay are so cute