Thursday, May 20, 2010

Featured Rescue - Katy the Brussels Griffon

I had a conversation with a lady today who said she has a Brussels Griffon that reminds her of Oscar the Grouch. Thanks to this conversation, I decided to Feature a BG for today's Featured Rescue!

This is Katy. I don't think she looks much like Oscar the Grouch, but maybe if you turn your head to the left ...
Anyway, Katy is around 4 years old and is currently cared for by the American Brussels Griffon Rescue Alliance. Katy is located in the Madison, WI area.
If you read the last clause in the adoption listing, it makes you stop and wonder if there is a distance requirement ... If someone from outside the local area is approved for adoption, they must be willing to fly in to get Katy and that can only happen if she is stable enough to travel in the cabin with the passenger ... however if you read it through and think about it, really they are just saying that they won't drug Katy for transport.
Here's another picture of Katy (to the right). This one looks a lot more like Oscar! I suppose it WAS all a matter of perspective.


Unknown said...

I have transported two dogs on airlines in cargo. Both times the airline specs demanded no sedation for the dogs. So, is it more an opportunity to ensure the true desire of the adopter to care for their new dog? At any rate, Katy is a cutie.

Mariuca said...

Oscar da Grouch is my fave Sesame Street character ha ha and this woof is so cute! :)

GoLightly said...

Just feed the tranquilizer to the owner. I'd need it worse than the dogs, anyway.
I've never flown my dogs, and I don't think I ever could.
Coward, yup.

It makes no sense to tranq them anyway. They don't understand the concept, "Here's a pill, it's to help you sleep".
They hear, "Here's a pill, and now you will feel reallY weird, as we put you into all kinds of scary situations".
Tranqs can absolutely terrify animals.

Katy looks like an Ewok.
Good luck, Katy!