Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SOBCR needs foster homes

Getting back from a much-needed-hiatus, I have hundreds of emails in my inbox and tons of things I would like to say!! I just got back from a trip to BC and am ready to take on the world again. So ... here we go! One post at a time ...

I got this email in my inbox last week and thought I'd put it out there to see if anyone can help out this organization. I took the liberty of finding pictures of the dogs listed on Petfinder to give people a visual. Please note that the descriptions of the dogs were written by SOBCR and are not necessarily a reflection of my opinion of them.

I am having to close my rescue temporarily in a few weeks todo some much-needed renovations, and I have had NO inquiries about these dear dogs. Please feel free to cross-post within Ontario. All dogs are here with me in York Region (Georgina) Thanks so much, Luan Egan, SOBCR


LIST OF AVAILABLE DOGS as of May 6, 2010

Please note that it is a requirement that adopters have a securely fenced yard and that the dogs live in the home with their people. Adoption fee is $300. includes spay/neuter, vet check and shots as needed.

GUINNESS – 2.5 yr old n/male smooth (short)-coat Border Collie. Guinness is a sweet lovable goof. He is housebroken, crate-trained, and well behaved, but needs some ongoing work on his enthusiastic greetings. He knows that a good greet is a sit, but needs reminding! Guinness needs a home with people who will keep him busy. Has been started on sheep and was showing aptitude for it. May knock over small children.

KESWICK - Guinness's brother. Slightly smaller than Guinness. All the same attributes. Has had some very beginner Flyball/Agility training (recalls over jumps, ball retrieve), would make someone a fun Agility and Flyball Dog.

KUMA – 6 yr old n/male smooth-coat Border Collie. Affectionate and very well-behaved, he loves Frisbee and can jump like nothing you've ever seen to get the disc. Needs an active home. Afraid of Thunder and gun-fire – hunters in the bush behind my place have spooked him.

WOLFIE – Shaggy 55lb senior mixed-breed dog estimated about 10 years old, that someone heartlessly abandoned. Wolfie is a sweetie, who loves long walks and quiet companionship. Housebroken, neutered, current on his shots, recently groomed and very handsome!

BUDDY – 9 month old tri-colour male Border Collie/Heeler mix. He has a very happy and sweet nature, and loves other dogs but is timid around people as though he expects to be punished. He will submissively pee and is a flight risk, so definitely needs a securely fenced yard and to be on leash when off property until he builds solid trust in his adopters. He is said to love kids, but alsoloves to chew up stuffed toys, so should be crated when not supervised to protect the furniture. He needs an active home with someone who has the time to keep him company and appropriately stimulated. He is a bright and responsive boy, and could be a fun Agility Dog prospect.

HOLLY – 5 yr old s/female Border Collie. Holly is truly a sad story. A pretty, petite dog, she has obviously been used for breeding. She developed diabetes that went untreated, probably for quite a while. As a result she developed rapid-onset cataracts. She was then abandoned in the middle of winter, weighing only 23 lbs, her body wasted by the diabetes. She came into Rescue on Boxing Day, and has been improving steadily since then now that she ison insulin. Holly needs a home with people who have knowledge of Diabetes and are comfortable with the routines and schedules of insulin shots. She is currently on Insulin Isophane, administered with a Novolin pen, 4 units twice daily. The monthly cost of the insulin is quite low and easily obtained. Holly adores people and at some point in her life someone took the time to train her very well and she is very responsive. But she does not like to be around other dogs. She is not vicious but quite unfriendly and anxious, and needs a home without other pets.

For more information visit our website at www.bcrescue.infoor call Luan at 905 473-6116


bichonpawz said...

You are an angel to work in Rescue...I sure hope and pray that these dogs will soon find their own forever homes.

GoLightly said...

Good luck to them all.

Whipple said...

If I were still in Ontario I would take one in an instant. Unfortunately I won't be in ON until next spring. But I would love a flyball dog!

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

bichonpawz and GoLightly ... thank you for your comments and well wishes. I, too, hope Luan is able to find space for them.

Whipple ... Flyball is fun. When you are ready you will know.