Friday, May 21, 2010

Roped into it ...

I think I must be crazy

I have one heck of a soft spot and people seem to know just how to use it. I get a call yesterday morning asking if I do petsitting. My first answer SHOULD have been a resounding NO but I didn't even get that far because the person who asked me wouldn't stop talking.

She was calling from a local Vet Clinic and said the reason she is asking is because one of their clients is having an emergency ... the dog was diagnosed with Bordetella (Kennel Cough). He has completed a two week period of meds already but the clinic insisted he do another round due to some congestion that remains. He started his second round of meds two days ago and the clinic won't give him his annual vaccinations until he has finished his antibiotics. He is not contagious any more (yes, that was my first question!).

The boarding facility who was supposed to take the dog refused to take him since he is not up to date on his annual vaccinations. He is two days late for his vacc's. The owners left on a plane first thing this morning. They had 24 hours to find an alternative for their dog or they had to cancel their trip.

I get the first call at 9 am about this (note that I am NOT a morning person ... the best time to talk me into doing something is BEFORE I have had my morning coffee), detailing all the info about it. I tell the clinic that I could do it, but that they really should call a specific person who runs a petsitting business to see if she could do it first. I tell them where in the clinic to find her phone number. I don't know if they called or not.

At 11 am I received a panicked phone call from the dog's owner asking if I would please pet-sit their dog. The owner gave me the run down again about this situation they are in. I told them my price and arranged to go over for a meet and greet that afternoon. We sign all the paperwork (because you TOTALLY know I have a million Liability waivers for them to sign!) and I agree to petsit for them this weekend.

I had less than 24 hours notice.

Why the heck did I agree to this?? This happens to be the first weekend in a fitness course that I'm taking with my dog. It's a 2+ hour drive each way to get to the course ... I have to leave at 5 am each morning and won't be home until 7 pm. This class is going to KILL me (I'm not the most fit person but I really would like to be an instructor for this and you KNOW I'll get more fit the more I do the class - that's what learning is all about, no?).

Now I have to leave 30 minutes earlier than planned so I can go over and feed/run their dog before I start the long drive to class.

I think I must be CRAZY


GoLightly said...

No argument here:)
That is one lucky owner to have found you.

Oooops, did I say that?

And two 2 TOO days late on vacc's.??

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Oh, I know the feeling well! Hopefully, you are charging them an arm and a leg and it will be worthwhile in the long run

Viatecio said...

RE 2 days late for vax: that's just stupid.

I wonder what it's like for people who only do vax's when legally required (should only be rabies in most places). They are effective for LIFE, not just 1 year!

Those owners are indeed lucky to have you working for them. Best of luck with your fitness class...don't be TOO sore!