Wednesday, May 19, 2010

News Reel - Ringworm Outbreak at Newmarket OSPCA

This was some really disappointing news when it hit last week but let me start from the beginning. Of course, I have an opinion on this -- how couldn't I?

Last week on Monday, the OSPCA announced that they would be euthanizing 350 animals at their Newmarket, Ontario shelter due to an outbreak of ringworm. Reports stated that approximately 60 of the animals were dogs, the rest were cats, rabbits and "other animals". See Shelter will euthanize pets to end ringworm outbreak for details.

On Tuesday the mass euthanasia began. Euthanization has begun at OSPCA and Dead dog walking. In the "Dead dog walking" article, it states that 6 staff members have been infected.

There were rallies on Tuesday and Wednesday at the shelter. OSPCA Cruelty Agents and OPP officers were brought in for "crowd control". Some officers reported to receive physical threats from protesters.

On Thursday, representatives from the OSPCA announced that they were calling a halt to the euthanasia. OSPCA ‘heard the outcry,’ suspends mass euthanasia. The PR department at this point started backtracking, stating "the organization had misstated the actual number of animals — originally reported as nearly 350 — that would need to be put down".

99 animals were euthanized
15 animals were stolen
96 animals have been placed in foster homes
140 animals remain at the shelter; 23 dogs, 91 cats, and 26 "other animals"

So here's my statement for the record.

OSPCA was wrong in its decision to announce that it will euthanize 350 animals due to a ringworm outbreak without looking for, and eliminating, other options first. Ringworm is treatable HOWEVER it's not easy when it is in a shelter situation with hundreds of animals. The building itself has to be decontaminated. This will not only cost a LOT of money, but will likely result in the building being closed for a certain amount of time. Who would do it? The understaffed shelter? Volunteers (yeah right)? OSPCA should have had all its bases covered BEFORE making the announcement that they were euthanizing all the animals at their Newmarket (York Region) Branch.

If the shelter is closed for cleaning/decontamination, then what happens to the intake of animals?? Where do they go? Don't give me some BS line about them going to "other shelters" because I have a NEWSFLASH for you ... the other shelters are full. Don't believe me? Pick up the phone and call every shelter in your area ... ask them if they will take your cat/dog who you can't care for any more.

So in the meantime, while they have the shelter closed and the intake of animals is halted ... how many animals will be euthanized due to lack of space?? Now that this branch of OSPCA is NOT adopting out animals ... what will happen to the others?

The picture is WAY bigger than 350.

How many animals do you think an organization like this euthanizes on a daily basis?? Weekly?? I can tell you some accurate off the record numbers because I did an off the record questionnaire with shelters and canine control ... For ONE Shelter in this area (Ontario) ... Average of 57 animals are euthanized daily. Average of 399 animals are euthanized weekly. On average, over 1500 animals are euthanized monthly.

So how does that 350 look now?


GoLightly said...
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Puplover said...

that is so sad.

Dog Mama said...

Hi! I am sharing the Versatile Blogger Award with you! Thank you for a great blog! Jana

Anonymous said...

I can tell you with absolute certainty that the OSPCA euthanizes ALOT of animals without the public's knowledge. I worked at a branch of the OSPCA and was actually one of two people responsible for euthanasia; during the summer we had upwards of 12 litters of kittens come in every day and almost all of them were euthanised immediately. Alot of cats and dogs are euthanised due to space, age and even color/breed. It is horrific but this latest outbreak is just the tip of the iceberg for the number of animals put down every year.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Sorry if I spoiled your day, GoLightly.

Puplover ... you said it.

Thanks Dog Mama! I'll go over to your blog and take a peek.

Thank you, anon, for adding that. We appreciate your input.

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