Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Asshat Award - Congratulations! I hear you're expecting

CraigsList ... I don't even know where to start. I think it is a great idea because it offers people a place where they can have a chance to re-home their pets without them going to the shelters ... you KNOW how much space we don't have in our shelters! The more that are rehomed without walking through that door, the better in my opinion. Unfortunately, CL also opens the door for BYBers, dumping, lab testing pickups, hoarders and asshats. I would like to take a moment to address the OP of the below ad.

You know who you are. You are the person who just found out you are having twins. Congratulations! That's great news. Unfortunately, not so much for your "6mth old pure bred male rott". You must be the only person in the world who is expecting twins and has a 6 month old puppy. According to the post you made on CL, he's housetrained and good with kids/dogs ... so tell me again why you can't keep your dog and have babies?? Are you new?

Where do you think this dog is going to go? Is he neutered? Are the new owners going to know to do this? Why do people not think about what a re-home at 6 months will do for the puppy? Will he develop any behavioural issues because of this?

Asshat. The dog is just another "stuffie" you can dump, eh? I'm sure you're thinking that it's ok, you can always get another dog in a year or so, when the babies start crawling. You know how KYOOT it is when kids grow up with a dog and you want your kids to have that experience. Great. The first time the dog makes the kid cry, the DOG MUST GO. You. Are. An. Asshat.

6mth old male rott (elgin,il)

Reply to: (note that this is the OP's email - not mine)

6mth old pure bred male rott needs a new home! He's good with children and other animals. He is house trained. He's up to date with all his shots. he is a healthy and playful dog. I found out I am having twins so I will not have the time and space for him.

There is a relocation fee


(I don't need people to send me rude comments!!!!)
Congratulations, dumbass! Through this impressive act of idiocy, you have earned the coveted Dogs Deserve Freedom Asshat Award. 

Now get your head out of your ass and start acting like a responsible adult! I'm sure you could figure out what happens when you "get lucky" ... sometimes you make babies! Did you not pause to consider how this might affect your life as you know it? Of course not. Because. You. Are. An. Asshat.


sundcarrie said...

I don't get it either when I volunteered at a shelter there were two dogs on my first day where the tags said they were given up because they got two big. They were both lab mixes. If you don't want a big dog why would you get anything mixed with a lab? I like you post and am happy to see that you realize there are legitimate reasons to re-home a dog too.

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

used to be it was a sucker born every minute. Now it's an asshat is born every .005 seconds

bichonpawz said...

I agree. Totally. Definitely deserves the AssHat Award!

Brooklyn Book Lover said...

Top 5 reasons dumb people get rid of their pets:

5) My kid is sneezing. It must be the (dog, cat, gerbil etc..)I need to get rid of it NOW!

4) I didn't realize how often dogs need to be walked.

3) I am moving tomorrow and my new apartment doesn't allow pets.

2) Why does he keep licking me?

1) I'm pregnant and don't have enough love in my heart for this dog and my baby!

I volunteer at a local pet rescue and have actually received calls from people giving me versions of the above reasons why they just HAD to get rid of their pet. Some seem so ridiculous, but they are TRUE!

I would like to create an "Asshat Award" certificate to hand out to them when they come in to surrender their pet.

APS said...

you have a nice article. I have one for you, have a great day.

Steve said...

I can half understand her dilemma though. Rotties grow up to be really big and powerful, and are usually really protective. Having two babies around a dog like that could be dangerous. Not much of an excuse, but she's hopped up on hormones, so she's irrational right now. But there's a rehoming fee!?! She's selling the dog to pay for her babies! WINNER.

William K Wallace said...

I guess the problem is that for some people pets are nothing more than disposable items. For some of us pets are for life and become a very real big part of the family!