Wednesday, June 16, 2010

News Reel - Parents with dogs need to train the kids too

Why don't kids come with an owners manual? I have often wondered that ... I think many parents/dog-owners would do well with a bit more instruction but I suppose the eternal question is whether or not they would accept it and apply it??

Yvette Van Veen answers a parent's question about preventing their new puppy from jumping all over the child in the following article: Owners’ Manual: Parents with dogs need to train the kids, too

It was an interesting publication in the Toronto Star about children and dogs. I love this particular paragraph "Parents need to teach children how to behave around animals. Pet owners are responsible for teaching their animals how to behave around people. Parents with dogs need to accomplish both tasks." Far too many parents forget to teach their children appropriate interaction skills with dogs. Take a few mintutes to read the article. I enjoyed it and am glad that this sort of thing is starting to get out in the papers.