Thursday, June 10, 2010

News Reel - Rescues are Overwhelmed

This was emailed to me and I thought I would share. Not that it's new news, but the more publicity we can get about pet over-population, spay/neuter necessities, adoptions and euthanasia the better.


Pet Rescues in Southern Ontario are overwhelmed

(Markham, ON - June 8, 2010): Homeless pets urgently need the assistance of

the public to avert a disaster created in part by the current economy and

the closures of the Toronto Humane Society Shelter and the OSPCA Shelter in


Details: In the past year, our member rescues have taken in over 1,600 pets.

The past couple of months have been especially difficult, with first the THS

and, more recently, the OSPCA being forced to close. These closures are due

to issues caused by overcrowding in these shelters - and the overcrowding is

a direct result of pet overpopulation.

Every day, healthy pets are euthanized across the country for no other

reason than there is simply no room or resources to help them. Our adoptions

are down, and in the past several weeks we have seen an alarming increase in

surrender requests. Our rescues cannot cope with more animals, and we are

starting to turn pets away.

Further adding to these problems is the introduction of the HST July 1. This

will increase the cost of veterinary care, grooming and training, forcing

more people to give up their pets due to cost.

Whilst these problems will not go away overnight, the solution is available,

and we are urgently calling upon the public to help. We need more people to

adopt and, especially, more people to spay/neuter their pets. We also need

people to research the appropriate pet for their families, and not buy pets

on impulse. Pets are for life, not until the novelty wears off.

If you have room in your life for an adopted pet, can foster a pet,

volunteer your time or make a tax deductible donation to help us pay for

veterinary costs, we urge you to contact us.

About Helping Homeless Pets:

Helping Homeless Pets is a non-profit organization created in November 2006

to help pets needing new homes, by directly supporting pet welfare groups.

We currently have 31 member organizations, all working together to help

homeless pets. Sadly, pets can become homeless for a variety of reasons,

including a change in relationship status, owner illness or death, moving

house, behavioural issues, abuse, neglect, or lack of financial resources.

Rescue organizations help alleviate the immense strain on shelters by taking

in animals who require special attention and those who do not adjust well to

shelter conditions, or by accepting surrendered animals directly from the

public. Our mission is to support legitimate pet rescue organizations by

assisting them with services, such as paying for costly medical expenses,

thereby allowing them to focus on caring for and finding suitable homes for

the pets they have rescued.

Please help us to help them!

For more information, please contact:

Rob Goddard, President

Helping Homeless Pets

Phone: 905-471-3811 x200




GoLightly said...

"disaster created in part by the current economy "


It was created by people who do not spay/neuter, or get a kitten/puppy, and don't want a cat/dog.

Too late now, I'm seeing half-feral cats, and I know what that means. Shelters are full. Or empty, thanks so much for that, OSPCA protesters.
The THS deserved to close.

I'm disgusted with humans, entirely.

Went to the OSPCA last week, there was a freakin' protester.
The world is officially not part of my life, anymore.

Hey, but shelters are IMPORTING animals.
C'mon, they are rolling in dough.
That was sarcasm, if you didn't recognize it. The rest is not.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

GoLightly ...

Ugh - the OSPCA and THS mess is a joke. People are frustrated and angry and are taking it out the only way they know how. Maybe they don't realize they are not doing any good ... maybe they do.

Wish those protesters would figure out what they could do to actually HELP someone. Put all that energy to good use, you know?

Importing animals is not a new thing - it's just getting more publicity of late. Look at "Island Dogs" from Puerto Rico as a prime example. In my opinion, we should look to our own shores and resolve this before importing more to make money. It's a good idea for a fundraiser though.

Anonymous said...

It is refreshing to see that there are individuals who are smart enough to realize that the reason all the problems started at the OSPCA was from US (the public) not caring for our animals, or claiming the strays, or surrendering our pets for one reason or another and yes that is the reason they had an outbreak. The protesters who are completely bashing everyone who commented on this blog because that is how they resolve things! It's so unfortunate that their minds are clouded by wanting to be the 'power houses' and 'bring down the OSPCA' that they can't for one second stop and accept the fact that there are thousands of animals euthanized every year in our country. I too am seeing such a big problem with rescues/shelters being overwhelmed from the fall out of one of the biggest animal shelters in our area. The whole situation is sad for all involved and I hope they will be back up and operational in the near future as so many homeless and unwanted animals need them. I also want to say (cause I can on this site) that I commend the staff at the OSPCA for their dedication to animal welfare since that's committment!!

GoLightly said...

Anon, we are sadly the minority.
The damage by the media, and the gasping volunteers, has been done.

I give up.

Shelters were full when our economy was booming.
Puppy Mills are suffering in this economy.

People get into breeding animals, because they think it will be profitable.
Like my idiot ex-employee, breeding Pomeranians, and then getting all shocked when the brother-sister puppies started (gasP) breeding.
He's a Catholic, he thought dogs were Catholic too.

He caught two breeding, in the "lock". He KICKED THEM APART.

I hate people.
Not YOU people.

Stupid people.

sorry, mentalpause is really making me even grumpier than usual.
Well, that, and my situation with that poor horse...
Who is STILL there.