Monday, August 9, 2010

News Reel - Couple's Dogs Killed in Repeat Crime

Here's today's Asshat Article ... Henious Headline ... Cruelty Case ... Kruel Killers ... Overconfident Owners ... and so on. Couple's dogs killed in repeat crime.

Apparently, this couple's "basset hound Annie and Belgian shepherd Rio were shot last year; police believe someone poisoned [basset hound] Ellie May and [German Shepherd] Schultz this week."

Alright, what's the first thing that comes to your mind when you read this article?? The first thing that comes to mine is ... What did these dog owners do?

First off, that is very sad that their dogs were both killed last year. It is terrible that their new, replacement dogs were killed this year.

Now ... the next thing that pops into my head ... what have these owners done to cause someone to need to kill their dogs?? Why are these people still allowing their dogs outside without supervision?? Why are the owners giving the killers an opportunity to even get close to their dogs?!?

*headdesk headdesk*

We all have to admit that there are idiots and asshats everywhere. It is our job as dog owners to protect our dogs from those crazy people.

The next thing that I start to think about is ... what could cause people to shoot these dogs?? Are they barking all night long?? Are they going for a walking "tour" and chasing/killing the neighbours' livestock??

My mind starts looking for the cause and effect ... things like that don't happen randomly.


giantspeckledchihuahua said...

This is a preventable tragedy. It's simply not safe for our pets to roam free. If some perverse sociopath doesn't get them, coyotes, a pack of dogs, or someone's trash will.

It's our job, as pet owners to protect our pets. That includes not allowing them to roam 9even if you live on 40 acres.)

bermudabluez said...

This is awful. Just awful. What a senseless tragedy. But I agree with you. Wonder what they did?