Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Tails ~ Albert

I figure some good news is always welcome. We have a Happy Tail from this weekend. One of our resident dogs at the shelter was adopted! He's been with us for several weeks now ... another lost soul who came in from the pound.

When Albert came in, he was crawling with fleas and had lost much of his hair. He was thin as a rail (you could actually see his ribs since his coat was so thin) and very scared. Here is a picture of what he looked like when he came in:

We treated the fleas with Advantage Multi. Once he settled in, he was given dewormer (since Multi doesn't kill off tapeworms), received vaccinations, had surgery for castration (neuter) and we plumped him up a bit.

When we got to know Albert (who was named for the street on which he was found), we realized that the growling and snarling was simply a defensive mechanism. It turned out that he was a super friendly guy whose personality more resembled a cuddly teddy bear rather than a piranha.

The good news is that Albert found his new forever home this weekend. He will be living with another dog and a young couple who absolutely adore him. They have already sent a new picture of him!

 Good luck Albert! Fare thee well.


Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

Yay for happy endings! Lucky Albert!

Lauren Loves To Scrap said...

It is always so nice to hear a "happy tail"!! Yay for Albert!

GoLightly said...

Happy days for Albert!
Kudos to his adopter, good luck!