Tuesday, July 12, 2011

News Reel ~ Hot Dogs

Alright ... we see this EVERY year in Ontario ... Hot Dogs in Cars ... SERIOUSLY People?! Stop leaving your dog in the car!!! Just leave them at home! It's not that hard. The following quote was taken from an article called Protect your pets which was posted today.

'there have been approximately 10 instances of dogs being left in cars over the last two weeks. Within the span of one day, there were three cases, she says, including one dog that had been left in a car for roughly an-hour-and- a-half, and was spiraling into "serious distress."'

Why do people insist on taking their dogs with them for a car ride if they aren't going to a dog appropriate destination?? If you take your dog with you, then go somewhere that you can take your dog OUT of the car!!
If it's hot enough to use your A/C then it's too hot to have your dog in the car. Peroid. It's very selfish of you to leave your dog in the car when you are putting your dog in jeopardy.
It takes only a few minutes for a dog's temperature to rise to unsafe levels. If they over heat for too long, neurological damage or even death could occur. Every year, dogs die in cars because their asshat owners didn't want to leave their poopsie poo at home ... "she might be lonely" ... well, that's crap. In the instance of those who don't ever make it out of the cars, she won't ever be lonely again.


Anonymous said...

i totally agree! why not just leave them at home? sheesh! some people. tsksk.

GoLightly said...

Yeah, the stupidity out there is truly scary.
Hmmm. It's 90+ degrees out. Oh, well, it won't bother my dog! He/She will be in the car, so safe! gargh.
or as word verf says..

unikorna said...

True, I usually take her with me everywhere, she's my friend not my pet:)>

LegendsLiveOn said...

I see this all the time and it really bothers me. Either take your dog with you, or leave him/her at home. An hour without your dog is better than the rest of your life without them because you were dumb enough to leave them in a hot car and they died.

Also, just got my first post up over at my new blog, The Candid Canine! I'd really appreciate it if you could put up a post with a link to my new site (intertwinedk9.blogspot.com). I've already got your blog on my sidebar.


-Kaylha :)

Stranger in a Strange Land said...

Yes, this is a problem even here in Sweden. Our summers can have warm days and many people are either over medicated or lacking in all common sense.

Love those pups,