Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Featured Rescue - Jake the Australian Shepherd

Spurred by my post about Australian Shepherd breeders, I would like to post a featured rescue for one. There are currently 3,391 Australian Shepherds looking for homes listed on petfinder. There are many more that are listed elsewhere and are not on petfinder.

Jake is an older dog (7-8 years) who really needs to find the right home. He is reportedly blind due to cataracts in his eyes. This guy just needs someone to take him home, love him and care for him until the end of his days.
Jake is currently located in New Casle, PA.
Blind dogs can be wonderful additions to a home. Once they get to know an area, they are often just as playful and rambunctious as normal dogs. Building up trust between the handler and the dog is extremely important for these dogs to ensure that they have a full life. The handler should take all steps necessary to ensure that the dog feels safe and secure - which isn't that difficult.
See BlindDogs.net for more information about blind dogs.
Also, I have been working on a follow up posting regarding one of the breeders I mentioned below. Waiting on an email to come in (figured I'd give her a few days to reply) - I will wait until tomorrow to post it.


☮momoKo said...

It's so unhappy to be blind,But the thing can bring up special ability sometimes.

- Share - said...

Lucky come to the dog
and you are kindly person
nice to meet you

Chef said...

That's way too many homeless Australian Shepherds. I can't imagine how many homeless dogs of all breeds there are. It's a shame.