Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Training Rant - Jumping Up

Personally, I hate it when a dog jumps up on me uninvited. I have a certain expectation of dogs, and jumping up is not it. Nothing irritates me more when dogs jump up as soon as you walk in the door. Or when you are working outside and the dog takes a running leap at you. I have had to change my clothing more times than I would like to think of because dogs have jumped up and muddied my clothes!

Here's a PERFECT example ......... For my wedding, we made sure that dogs were allowed at the ceremony and reception (dogs are a big part of our lives! can you tell?). It was a place with 400 acres and the people told us that the dogs didn't even have to be on leash - just controlled! Many people we know have dogs that jump and their owners encourage it. Now, it sure is nice that I have pics of me and my dogs on the wedding day - and I wasn't worried at all that any of mine would jump and ruin anyone's clothing. They were well behaved and had a great time - you could even see their great-big-grins when people quietly slid them snacks and then pretended that they hadn't.

Now, I probably should clarify something. My dogs don't jump up unless invited. Yes, you read it right - invited. If the dogs don't jump unless encouraged, then I think that's fine. I have 3 dogs. They are allowed to jump up to give us "hugs" when we call them up.

Both big dogs jumped up on people when they first came to live with me. We have had to train them not to do this. Undoing a behaviour is more difficult than teaching one. This is why we taught them that they can still jump, but only when we tell them it's ok.

So why do people have their dogs jump? Is it some sad desire by the person to be needed? Accepted? What is it in that person's life that is missing so that they need to be jumped on?

For some of the people I know, the need to be loved and accepted by their dogs is certainly true and very strong. They yell at their dogs and push them down when the need suits them. Otherwise, they think it is cute. YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS! The dog can't tell when you have your Sunday Best on! Nor can he tell that Great-Aunt Jodie doesn't like dogs and experiences a panic attack that will manifest into an anxiety attack if he jumps on her.

Why do people think this is ok? Why are there so many people who don't know how to teach their dogs not to jump up??

I know one person who has been trying for 4 years to teach their rescued lab not to jump ... hmm ... well, that dog doesn't jump on me when I walk in. She just wiggles at me. So really, who has the issue ... the owner? or the dog?

The owners should take a good look inside and ask themselves why they are having troubles teaching the dog not to jump? Dogs should not jump up when someone doesn't want them to.


Lenny said...

Hi there, nice to meet you! Sure you can link to my blog, especially since I am a model of good dog behavior...really...

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Amber-Mae said...

Hi! Thanks for linking up with me. Well, my Mommy is no fan of jumping dogs especially when she doesn't allow them to. We three don't jump up on other people besides our hoomans. We never learned that habit before. Never since we were young. But as we grew older, we hardly do this. My Dallie sista Faith still does that but that's becoz my hoomans allow her to as she's quite small & light unlike me & Chloe. We both can only jump up on command. Mommy gives a command then we do it. If she doesn't, we don't. We're pawfectly fine with it! And I think that's the way it should be.

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

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