Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Featured Rescue - Pepper the Border Collie

I would like to include featured rescue regularly in this blog. I think if you are looking for a dog, the first place you should look is rescue. You can often find great dogs there. Many St. John's Ambulance dogs I know come from rescue.

This featured rescue is for the Border Collie. These dogs are highly intellegent, active dogs that often end up in rescue because their owners just don't have the knowledge or ability to deal with them. Problem is, they are a breed that sometimes doesn't do well in shelter situations. You will find that most Border Collies end up in breed specific rescue because the people that volunteer for the breed specific rescue know what to expect from the breed.

Today, there are 4,747 (what a number!) Border Collies listed in PetFinder.com that are listed for adoption. Some are puppies, many are adults. The dog I will feature today is Pepper, a 10 month old female Border Collie (see description on the link). Yet another wonderful young dog in a situation that it couldn't deal with. Probably not the previous owners' fault, but issues they could have worked through.

Pictures below are of Pepper.

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