Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Training Rant - Running Away

Have you ever known a dog that runs away at the first chance it gets? Doesn't come back when called? Bolts out the front door and is off down the street before you even get your shoes on?? Have you ever wondered why?

Did you know that not all dogs do that? It has nothing to do with the dog being a bad dog. So, why does the dog do that? Because something down the road or way off in the distance has rewarded the dog more than the owner.

Boiled down basic idea - if your dog wants to be with you, then it won't run away. That means that you keep the dog entertained, prevent boredom from sinking in, and generally provide it with what it requires mentally, emotionally and physically.

I have heard people say that "all beagles are runners" or that "small dogs run and don't recall". I don't believe this is true. I have had beagles that don't run. I have known small dogs that don't run and do recall. (By "run", I mean run away)

If you make yourself important in your dogs life, then it won't run away. I have taken foster dogs that are 'runners' and they don't run. Why? Because I make myself important and teach them boundaries. We don't have fences on my property. The dogs could all run if they chose. They don't.

Train your dog not to run away and it won't.

Teach your dog that it gets a reward when it recalls and it will come back when you call.

Show your dog that you are important and that they should cherish every moment with you and they will never want to leave your side.


BrandytheGreat said...

Good one!
We totally agree!

Michele at Daily Dog Lick said...

This has been a really tough one for us, but I agree with you that it is a really important thing to teach (not to mention, convenient for the humans). One of our dogs is not very interested in people, and after 19 months with us still does not come reliably. Using a food treat will increase the odds of him coming, but he still will not do it all the time. Our other dog, who lives for affection from people, already comes on command almost all the time even though he's only 1 and we've only had him 7 months. Interestingly, the first dog has made a lot of progress since we got dog #2 - I think dog #2 is modeling good canine behavior and showing dog #1 that bonding with the humans is a good thing.

Lorenza said...

My mom wishes I could obey commands. Problem is... she is a bad trainer!
Kisses and hugs