Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dog Business Rant - Using Videos

Ok, so if you are going to promote your business with a video then take a minute to watch it!! I wonder if people actually go to this place for training after seeing that video? I know I sure wouldn't.

After watching this, I wanted to post a short entry about recommendations to any business owners out there so they can ensure they don't look like asshats by publishing videos like this one. Here are a few tips for when you are showcasing your business using video ...

1. Make sure your sound quality isn't crap

2. Look at the camera when you are speaking

3. Turn off your cell phone - it's annoying when it makes noises as you are trying to speak

4. DO NOT use "Uh" - it makes you sound like an asshat. (I counted 34 times in this video ... and at least half the video was showing off obedience skills!)

5. Remember the name of the company you are showcasing without having to turn around and read the name

6. Make sure your camera operator isn't moving the camera all over the place like a noob

7. Set up everyone so they are outfitted properly and look professional. What the hell are the dogs wearing? And what is that guy wearing? Why the suit jacket over top of the zippy sweater?

8. Don't unzip your sweater while you are on video

9. Don't keep your hands in your pockets the entire time

10. Ensure only one person talks to the camera at a time

11. Don't cut off the end of your video in the middle of a sentence.

Here's my disclaimer ... Normally I don't care what people wear. In fact, seeing a dog trainer in jeans and a t-shirt rather than a suit tells me a lot about the trainer. I have found that generally the more down to earth a person is, the more successful they are with dogs.

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GoLightly said...

The movie clip crashed my computer. It's HARD not to be nervous when filming. Did the dogs look happy, or embarrassed?

Maybe the net was just crashy today, though..

I'll try on this computer..